April 13th, 2015


April 13th, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Mellon Forum on Wednesday

·      Final Fellow’s Meeting of the year, 6 juniors/seniors will be invited (first to respond).

·      A trophy for Freshman Olympics showed up at the Master’s House!

o   “Saybrook showed up and took names” – Kellen

·      Master Near sends his regrets.

Dean’s Report

·      Not present, but she’d probably tell you to read her e-mail.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Sushi study break was a hit; will have another study break this week.

·      Saturday is Say and Sele Day – keep your schedules open! Fun things will be happening. Will send an e-mail about t-shirts being sold.

·      Number 1 answer for study break right now is pizza – if you object, fill out the survey!

·      Look out for trampoline park sign up.

·      Study break on Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.

Community Service

·      Aryssa says the AIDS walk was great!


·      Soccer team undefeated, dodgeball only lost one game – doing very well.

·      Athlete of the week is from the soccer team, Sage Price.

Sustainability Committee

·      Watch out for Earth Day events next year in Saybrook, as well as on Old Campus.

·      Sustainable Service Corps will have information events.

·      Sustainability stars of the weak are Saybrook seniors, especially Patrick Casey, who are experimenting with vegetarianism.

Dining Committee

·      No more burrito Mondays for the rest of the school year L

Media Committee

·      End of the year project, details to be determined.

·      If interested in helping out, send Kellen an e-mail.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      1954, student screams “nuts to you!” to Basil Duke Henning and his wife.

·      Basil Duke Henning wrote about it in his diaries!


·      The froco budget each semester cannot exceed that of SAC’s.


·      New representatives are Avery Thompson and Christopher Bowman.

·      Joe English will be YCC president!


New Business

·      Rumor has it 2 Saybrugians are getting married? A budget proposal coming our way? Stay tuned.

·      Our very own Benson May will be competing in the Mr. Yale pageant, which is this Thursday at 8 p.m.

·      Saybrook has an extraordinary track record with Mr. Yale competition.