January 19th, 2015


January 19th, 2015

Old Business

We have $8750 for this semester’s budget.

New Business

Inha and Magda were elected as our new SAC chairs for 2015! Congratulations!

Nikki Teran is proposing $75 for a bound book as a present for Master Hudak, and passed with $90.

Sustainability is asking for $30 for sign holders for the dining hall. It did not pass.

The 12 Pack requested $700 for this semester, which passed.

SAC proposed $7000 for their budget, which passed.

Danielle Melgar proposed $31.90 for a calf stretcher for the Saybrook Gym, and was tabled until the next meeting.

Sophie Hua requested $240 for the baking club, which passed.

Aryssa requested $500 for the operations budget, which passed.

$220 was then allocated to the rolling fund.