March 27th, 2017


·      HGTV CEO tea is being postponed, potentially to the fall

·      Graduate affiliates are having S’mores night Tuesday, March 28th

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails


·      March 29th is an Amigo’s night

·      Semiformal is April 8th at Kumo

·      If Yale legal approves it, tickets will be sold next week

·      Still looking for a photographer

Community Service

·      AIDS walk Saturday April 22nd

·      Sunrise Café is looking for more volunteers

·      Email Aryssa if you have any questions

·      Hungry Heros also is looking for volunteers


·      Did you know that in the absence of any ExCom position, the lower ranking position assumes the missing one?


·      Send Leah pictures and she will post them

·      Join the Saybrook group on Facebook


·      If you have problems email Daniel Fischer

·      Mention any big problems to Micah too

·      Contact maintenance if you know there is an issue in your suite

·      Will be looking at the lighting of the Saybrary next

·      Rebecca POI: Is it possible to get the lamp fixed before finals?

o   Maybe we can get some cheap lighting in the meantime—I personally bring my own lamp


·      The Art of TV Drama with Aaron Tracy is the new seminar

·      He was a writer on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

·      The celebratory dinner will happen very soon

·      Kellen POI: Will there be 14 college seminars next semester?

o   Yes

Dining hall

·      We had some issues before break—everything is fixed

·      No cape shark on the menu this week


·      Have room forms submitted online by:

o   Tommorrow by 4pm sophomores

o   Wednesdday by 4pm for Seniors

o   Thursday by 4pm for juniors

·      Check the emails


·      Use the bin in the basement, check out the email Micah sent out


·      Spring IMs are upon us, including ultimate Frisbee, soccer, dodgeball, and softball


·      Not present


·      At Harvard, Adam’s House is the place where everyone complains about mice


·      Our elections are coming

·      Information session is tomorrow

·      The elections will start April 6th

·      YCC standing university committees are looking for people, applications are due at Friday 11:59


·      $66.54 in rolling fund

·      Budget proposal for a Spring Fling event for Saybrugians at a reasonable time around noon for $66.54

·      Proposal passed, now $0 in the rolling fund

New Business

·      None