October 2nd, 2017


·      Apple picking trip on Saturday

·      Apple baking on Sunday in Biggs House

·      Big IM wins – won in soccer today

·      Leah POI: the waitlist for apple picking is currently 6 people

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails

·      Midterms are coming up, so the drop deadline is approaching to drop without a “W”


·      Lookout for a study break Wednesday

·      Near POI: do we have our screw date yet?

o   We’re just waiting for Yale to sign our form, but tentatively October 14th

Community Service

·      Check Dwight Hall newsletter

·      There’s a new program starting through the YHaven Shelter

·      Talk to Aryssa if you have questions


·      Did you know that the Saybrook Constitution is missing Article VIII?


·      Took pictures at the Saybrook soccer game today


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel

·      There’s a table in the Saybrary that’s broken that will be fixed


·      Nothing to report


·      Nothing to report


·      Interviews start tomorrow, then Thursday, and next week’s Monday and Thursday also

·      If you attend 5 or more, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts

·      Brett POI: what should we send you after each interview?

o   David will send out a form that needs to be filled out with comments


Dining hall

·      Farm tour on October 7th sign up for it

·      Jack POI: when will the yogurt and chocolate covered pretzels return to the gluten free area?

o   I don’t eat in the gluten free area so I didn’t notice their absence but I’ll look into it


·      None


·      The electronics disposable bin is back in the basement


·      Another IM soccer win

·      Shoutout to Kai and Joshua

·      IM cross country finals are tomorrow – both men and women qualified

·      We need a four minimum, but ideally six

·      Near POI: this is big points tomorrow so I’ll emphasize this is my morning email.  Also, if we win the cup, we’ll throw a party that will put Spring Fling to shame.  If we’re not in the top three, I will eat my hat

·      Pickle ball at 8pm third floor Payne Whitney


·      If you want to be added to the GroupMe, send Bennet your phone number


·      Join Nat at 12:30 this Friday for the first SYHSC lunch in the Fellow’s Lounge

·      There will be an email going out very soon  


·      There’s a new idea initiative with a $4000 grant

·      Ask Brett if interested


·      $0 in the rolling fund

·      If you don’t plan on using your money, please send the money back

New Business

·      Batman POI: is SayYoga still going on?

o   I’ll talk to Micah about that

·      Leah POI: Yale Undergraduate Jazz Collective is having a concert at 7 tomorrow night in the Underbrook

·      Title IX advisory board is looking for people – talk to Kellen if interested