Saybrook College Fellows

The following 4 individuals are Saybrook College’s Residential Fellows, who live among the students in Saybrook, can often be found eating in the Dining Hall, excercising in the gym, or working with students around the college.  Please don’t hesitate to ask them about anything Saybrook-, Yale-, or New Haven- related!

Anjan Bhullar


Maria Kaliambou

Senior Lector in Modern Greek at the Hellenic Studies Program, Maria Kaliambou earned her first degree in History and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1997, and her Ph.D. in Folklore Studies/European Ethnology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich in 2005. She was a post-doctoral researcher at the University Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3 (2006) and post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University (2006-2007). Since 2007 she has been teaching courses in folklore and Modern Greek language at the Hellenic Studies Program at Yale. She was also visiting lecturer at the department of Folklore Studies/European Ethnology and Modern Greek Studies, University of Munich (summers 2009, 2010). In 2006, she received the “Lutz Röhrich prize” in Germany for her book /Heimat – Glaube – Familie. Wertevermittlung in griechischen Popularmärchen (1870-1970) [Home – Faith – Family: Transmission of Values in Greek Popular Booklets of Tales (1870-1970)]. In 2011 was elected by the European Commission as Erasmus Student Ambassador of Greece. Her research interests range from folk narrative (with a specialization in folktales), popular literature,history of books, history and theory of folklore studies, Southeast European cultural studies, and European philhellenism. She is currently working on her new book “The Book Culture of Greek-Americans” and on an edition of Greek folktales. A former classical guitarist, Maria adores listening to classical guitar. She also loves hiking and yoga.

Maria K

Micah and Katharine Luce or

Saybrook College Fellows and Associate Fellows are appointed directly by the Head of College and are distinguished Faculty, Staff, and Alumni of Yale University or other important individuals who contribute uniquely to New Haven and Yale University.  The following is a list of the Saybrook College Fellows along with their brief profiles and areas of interest.  If you are a current Saybrugian, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of these individuals: they are eager and willing to speak about all things Yale-related and ready to help you in any way they possible can.