The Fellows

The Saybrook Fellowship is made up chiefly of members of the Faculties of Yale College and the other professional schools of the University. In addition, it consists of members of the Yale administration and the Corporation, as well as certain alumni and other distinguished persons. The Fellowship is intended in part to provide a meeting ground for scholars from various disciplines and to encourage discussion among them. To this end, the Fellows meet regularly during the term.

The Fellowship is intended also to provide students and Fellows with opportunities for discussion in an atmosphere less formal than the classroom. They represent a considerable potential for informal discussions of your interests, academic or otherwise, but you must seek them out and make your interests known. You will find that they are eager to meet you.

Several Resident Fellows physically live in the College.  They occupy suites G31, G41, and I31. The Resident Fellows are Yale faculty and staff who play an active part in college life, taking their meals in the Dining Hall, sponsoring special activities for students, and hosting study breaks throughout the year. These Fellows generally hold academic appointments in the University, and this year’s fellows are Anjan Bhullar, Keely Orgeman and Marshall Kibbey, Jenn Coughlan, and Emily Yates. Learn more about them by clicking here.