Saybrook College Council

The Saybrook College Council (SCC) has representatives from all classes and its meetings are open to all Saybrook undergraduates. In cooperation with the Master and Dean, it sponsors a wide variety of projects in the College and discusses matters of general concern to life in Saybrook. 

2019 SCC Executive Board

President: Alex Lusak ‘20

Vice President: Roger McNamee ‘20

Treasurer: Mariel Barocas ‘21

Secretary: Donasia Gray ‘22

Saybrook Activities Committee: Jesse Nadel ‘21 and Sarah Force ‘21

Committee Chairs

Bylaws Committee

Community Service Committee: Mary Serena Schilling, ‘20

Fischer Report (Facilities):  Laura Koech, ‘20

Housing: -to be determined in Spring 2020-

Media Committee: Jazzy Fisher, ‘20 and Tamar Landman, ‘20

Dining Hall Committee: Joey Kamm ’20

Saybrook Historical Society Committee: Natalie Schoen, ‘20

Seminar Committee

Sustainability Committee: Alex Lusak ‘20

Yale College Council Representatives: Grace Kang, ‘21 and Brienna Carter, ‘21

Saybrook College Council Constitution