Recommendation Letters

The dean’s office will keep on file letters of recommendation you have asked instructors to write for you. You may then ask the office to send photocopies of them when you apply to jobs or internships, or for admission to graduate or professional school.

For each letter, download, print, and complete the top of the confidentiality form, available here, being sure to include the date and your signature.

Send or give a form to each instructor.

Ask each instructor for a general letter of recommendation, addressed “To whom it may concern.” (If you know now where you are applying, ask your instructors to send personalized letters directly to those recipients, then ask them to send the dean’s office a general letter, for later use).

Give each instructor a stamped, addressed envelope so that she or he can send letters directly to the dean’s office. The address to use is:

Saybrook College Dean’s Office
P.O. Box 209088
New Haven, CT 06520

Your instructors may instead e-mail letters and confidentiality forms to

The dean’s office will send letters of recommendations only to schools, graduate or professional programs, and not to other dossier services, such as LSAC.

When the dean’s office receives the letters of recommendation, it places them in your file. Then, when you want to send them, give the dean’s office the following information, in writing: (e-mail is fine, as long as you use your account).

  • which letters you want to send;
  • the names and addresses of your letters’ recipients;
  • signed, dated request(s);
  • a stamped, addressed envelope for each recipient.

This service is free if you are currently enrolled, and for one year after you graduate. From then on, each packet incurs a $5.00 charge, payable by check or money order when you make your request.

Be sure to thank the instructors who wrote letters for you. Good luck!

Also see: Requesting Strong Letters of Recommendation.