Graduate Affiliates

Graduate Affiliate Program

The graduate affiliate program (GAP) functions as a bridge to bring Yale College undergraduates and Yale University graduate and professional students together.  A dynamic group of eight enthusiastic graduate and professional students is affiliated with Saybrook College for the academic year (find their bios and contact information below).  Our graduate affiliates will be visible and available to give advice, mentoring support, and share ideas on every aspect of life over meals in the dining hall – just join them at the Grad Affiliate table or by e-mail if you have specific questions you would like to ask.  Grad Affiliates also participate in everyday life at Saybrook by supporting the SAC (Student Activities Committee) in organizing various activities and social events and as advisors to SCC clubs or committees.  Saybrugians are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the graduate affiliates’ perspective on applications for fellowships or professional schools, presentation skills, or life after college in general.

Adam Hailburton: Co-Lead Graduate Affiliate

Adam, SY’10, GSAS ’15 studies Japanese literature and theater at the Graduate School. He was an EP&E major in undergrad and worked for Yale’s Office of Federal Relations after graduating, before moving to Japan. This is his seventh year living in New Haven, and weekends he usually tries to see as much of Connecticut as possible outside of the New York—New Haven stretch by foot, bike, and car. Adam attends and is available to consult for Mellon forums. He has also heard tell of a fabled Saybrook Historical Society Committee… Contact Adam at

Emily Sorensen: Co-Lead Graduate Affiliate

Emily received her MFA in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism this past May from the School of Drama, where she is currently a DFA candidate researching ecological art and environmentalist performance. She loves to spend as much time as possible outside, especially in the woods, especially now that theatres are not operating. She also enjoys yoga, singing, reading, running, and climbing. Feel free to reach out at

Shannon Csorny

Shannon (SY ’15, DRA ’21) is an MFA candidate in Technical Design & Production at the School of Drama with a concentration in production management. Her other areas of interest are accessibility and rope access. She got her BA in English from Yale, while spending as much time as possible in theaters around campus. In the years between degrees she worked in project management and theater in Madison (WI), Brooklyn, and Louisville (KY). She was a competitive Irish dancer growing up, and now spends a lot of time baking and cooking.

Alejandro Damian-Serrano

Alejandro is a 6th year PhD Candidate in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, studying the evolution of predator-prey interactions among the open ocean zooplankton. He was born and raised in Valencia, Spain, where he graduated with a degree in Marine Sciences from the Catholic University of Valencia. Alejandro is a scientific SCUBA diver and certified Zumba instructor. In his free time, Alejandro enjoys making paella, organizing parties, singing karaoke, dancing, & playing Dungeons & Dragons. Contact Alejandro at

Brett Gu

I’m a second-year medical student from Houston, Texas. I went to Yale (SY’19) for undergrad and studied Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Outside of school, you can find me volunteering at HAVEN Free Clinic, doing research in a neuroscience lab, throwing up bricks at the Lanman center or cheering for Tom Brady, the Rockets and the Astros*. Feel free to contact me at to talk about grad school applications, my take on the best pizza in New Haven or anything in between.

Sreeja Kodali

Sreeja is a proud 2018 Saybrugian and second-year medical student from New Jersey. She was an MB&B major and conducted neurology research at Yale School of Medicine before starting as a student. Outside of school, she’s a part of the medical school committee for diversity, inclusion, and social justice (CDISJ), psychiatry and social justice conference RebPsych, and interdisciplinary Disability Studies Working Group. She enjoys pajamas, YouTube autoplay, New Haven Ninth Square district, Daily Mail celebrity gossip, and Saybrook steel-cut oatmeal. Say hello at "> 

Jean Vila

Jean is a Fifth Year PhD student in the department of ecology and evolutionary biology. He works in the microbial sciences institute out on west campus where he tries to predict the evolution of microbial communities.  Jean was born in Boston, MA, to French and Belgium parents, but grew up in south-east London and lived in the UK for 22 years before moving to New Haven. Before starting at Yale, he graduated from Oxford University with a BA in biological sciences and completed his Masters in computational methods in ecology and evolution at Imperial College London.  He has strong ties to the Roussillon region in France and from his family has inherited a love of cooking,wine and mushrooms. In previous years at Saybrook Jean has helped organize wine tastings as well as a series of french/spanish cooking classes. Despite having to travel down from the far-away lands of east-rock, he loves being part of the Saybrook community and is happy to chat about anything. Contact him at


Amanda Zhou

Amanda is a medical student at the School of Medicine. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2017 with a degree in Human Biology and a minor in music. In her time as a Saybrook GA, she has helped out with SayBrews, and she looks forward to getting even more involved in the Saybrook community! Please feel free to reach out to her about anything and everything – from applying to medical school to the best cheap eats in New Haven. Contact her at