Graduate Affiliates

Graduate Affiliate Program

The graduate affiliate program (GAP) functions as a bridge to bring Yale College undergraduates and Yale University graduate and professional students together.  A dynamic group of enthusiastic graduate and professional students is affiliated with Saybrook College for the academic year (find their bios and contact information below).  Our graduate affiliates will be visible and available to give advice, mentoring support, and share ideas on every aspect of life over meals in the dining hall – just join them at the Grad Affiliate table or by e-mail if you have specific questions you would like to ask.  Grad Affiliates also participate in everyday life at Saybrook by supporting the SAC (Student Activities Committee) in organizing various activities and social events and as advisors to SCC clubs or committees.  Saybrugians are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the graduate affiliates’ perspective on applications for fellowships or professional schools, presentation skills, or life after college in general.

Henry Jacob: Head Graduate Affiliate

Henry (he/him) is thrilled to be back in Saybrook as a History Ph.D. student and Whitney Humanities Center Environmental Humanities Fellow! Born and raised in New Haven, he has come to see SY as a second home. As Resident and Head Grad Affiliate, Henry hopes to be a friend and resource for Saybrugians. Find a more detailed bio in the Resident Graduate Affiliate tab.

Henry Camarillo

Henry is a fourth-year PhD student in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. A first-generation Mexican-American, Henry grew up in Southern California. After finishing high school, he moved to Utah for his undergrad where he developed his passion for evolutionary biology studying freshwater fish in Latin America. After his undergrad, he moved to Kansas to pursue a Master’s in Biology. Since starting his PhD at Yale, Henry has switched from studying fish to studying the evolution of feeding structures in salamanders. When he is not working on his PhD, Henry can be found around East Rock walking his dog Korra. He also enjoys going to the gym, the outdoors, listening to electronic music, and binge-watching whatever tv show he is obsessed with at the time. Feel free to reach him at


Emmanuel K Cudjoe Jr.

Emmanuel is a first-year MBA student in the School of Management. He is from Ghana, but in the US, he calls Richmond, VA home. Emmanuel holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Pharmacy and has worked at PPD Labs, now part of Thermo Fisher, and Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). At PPD, he developed and validated mass spectrometry-based methods for measuring drug concentrations in patient samples from clinical trials. In the process development analytics group at BMS, he used mass spectrometry to deliver analytical insights for the optimization of Upstream and Downstream protein drug manufacturing processes.
Emmanuel enjoys indoor and outdoor activities, and is always down for a hike whenever possible. He is also a huge music lover and Afrobeats, Dancehall, and Reggaeton are his favorite genres.

Lina Elmansy

Lina Elmansy is a fourth-year medical student currently on a research year, which she is dedicating to pediatric functional gastroenterology. She grew up in Alexandra, Egypt and later Stamford, CT. In 2019 she graduated from Yale College (Saybrook!) where she studied Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. In her free time Lina loves cooking, watching Gilmore Girls, and testing the latest flavors at Elena’s. Ask her about the best food in New Haven, applying to medical school, and classic TV shows! You can reach her at

Ezeriki Emetonjor

Ezeriki Emetonjor comes from the lively city of Lagos, Nigeria. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in International and Development Economics at Yale. Before coming to Yale, she worked as a Business Analyst at a Fixed Income Investment Management company in both their Texas and California locations. Outside of her academic pursuits, Ezeriki enjoys photography, cycling, and experimenting in the kitchen. She’s also passionate about discussing topics like art, philosophy, and film.

Jazzy Fisher

Jazzy (she/her) is an SY 2020 grad who is excited to return back to New Haven to pursue her MBA at the Yale School of Management! Prior to returning to Yale, she spent 2 years in the Bay Area working in HR at Google, but as an Atlanta, GA native, she happily considers the East Coast home. During her time in SY she was an active member of SCC, the SY Brew Club, and served as SY’s Head FroCo her senior year. Fun fact: As the 2020 Mary Casner Prize winner, Jazzy’s name is engraved in the SY Common Room!

Jess Graham

Jess (she/her) is excited for her first year as a graduate affiliate! She is a second year computational biology and bioinformatics Ph.D. student. Originally from Arizona, she loves living in New Haven and is happy to share suggestions for things to do around the area. In her down time, Jess loves to crochet, watch horror movies, attend hot air balloon festivals (there are a surprising number in New England!), and spend time outdoors. Please reach out if you want to chat about academics, applying to grad school, New Haven, or anything else!

Emma Gray

Emma is a 1L at Yale Law School who thoroughly enjoyed her time in Saybrook as an undergraduate (class of ’21). She spent the last two years teaching 5th grade English in the South Bronx through Teach for America while earning her master’s degree in teaching. At the law school, she is focused on child advocacy work and education law. She is part of the Yale Law and Policy Review, the Youth Justice Project, HAVEN Medical-legal Partnerships, and the Yale Jewish Law Students’ Association. She loves to run, listen to podcasts, and binge watch classic movies. She can’t wait to meet fellow Saybrugians and is open to chatting about anything - from undergraduate opportunities to life beyond Yale! Feel free to shoot her an email at

Brett Gu

I’m a second-year medical student from Houston, Texas. I went to Yale (SY’19) for undergrad and studied Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Outside of school, you can find me volunteering at HAVEN Free Clinic, doing research in a neuroscience lab, throwing up bricks at the Lanman center or cheering for Tom Brady, the Rockets and the Astros*. Feel free to contact me at to talk about grad school applications, my take on the best pizza in New Haven or anything in between.

Navid Kiassat

Navid is a first-year student at the law school. Originally from Chico, California, he is a former Saybrugian in the class of 2020. After graduating, he worked as a restructuring investment banking analyst, where he worked with debtors and creditors of financially distressed corporations during various transactions. At the law school, he is still exploring which areas of law he would like to focus on. Navid is particularly excited to come back to Saybrook and play pool in the basement. He is happy to discuss everything from the best political theory courses at Yale to living in NYC post-grad. Feel free to ping him at

Kavya Shetty

Kavya is a first-year Theater Management MFA candidate at the School of Drama. Storytelling and theater have been central to Kavya’s life for as long as she can remember and she now wants to help produce stories that capture a diversity of experiences and audiences. Kavya completed her undergrad in St. Paul, Minnesota, studying Theatre, Applied Math & Statistics, and Philosophy. She was lucky to continue to call the Twin Cities home the four years following and spent most of her days doing a mix of quantitative financial research and working in various theaters around the cities. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, playing soccer, listening to music, and trying out new TV shows. She’s thrilled to be a part of the Saybrook community this year and can’t wait to meet everyone! Please don’t hesitate to reach out ( — whether it’s arts-related, stats-related, or anything in general!

Emily Sorensen

Emily received her MFA in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism this past May from the School of Drama, where she is currently a DFA candidate researching ecological art and environmentalist performance. She loves to spend as much time as possible outside, especially in the woods, especially now that theatres are not operating. She also enjoys yoga, singing, reading, running, and climbing. Feel free to reach out at

Stephan Sveshnikov

Stephan graduated as a Saybrugian in 2018 and later worked as a cheesemaker in the Appalachian Mountains, volunterred on small farms in Russia, and conducted an Eastern Orthodox church choir in the Utah mounatins. He’s now back in New Haven as a first year PhD in history. In addition to an academic interest in Russian history and philosophy, he loves music, food, and getting ourdoors as often as possible.

Sida Tang

Sida is a first year student in the Master of Architecture I program at the Yale School of Architecture and a 2019 Saybrugian. He is originally from Jiangsu, China, but attended elementary school in New Haven and high school in Georgia. At Yale, he studied architecture, but was also deeply involved with the Computer Science and Engineering departments. He spent the last three years working in architectural practice in New York City and would be happy to talk about his experiences there. During his time in undergrad, he was deeply involved in music and the arts at Yale, and he is looking forward to connecting with students with the wide rang of activities in those fields. Feel free to talk to him about fellowships, portfolios, the graduate school application process for arts and architecture programs, and all the going-ons in the arts at Yale, as well as any questions about New Haven in general.

Lindsey Uniat

Lindsey is a current 5th-year PhD student in Economics. She graduated from Yale (Saybrook!) in 2015 with a BA in English Literature and in the interim completed an MSc in Economics at the LSE and worked as a research assistant at Stanford. She is studying the macroeconomic implications of evolving female labor force participation in the 20th century in the U.S., with a focus on the 1970-1990 “Quiet Revolution” documented by Goldin. She is from Edmonton, Canada. Outside of academics, she enjoys running, cycling, tennis, and cross-country skiing. Feel free to reach out, especially with any questions you may have about graduate school: