Studio Rooms (A) and (B)

What is the Saybrook Studio?:

A recording studio composed of 2 rooms for recording (Rooms A and B) and a third room for practice/not connected to the recording booth (Room C). Studio A is the control center equipped with the software and hardware necessary to conduct recording sessions using both rooms A and B. Room B hosts a drum set and an upright piano. Room C contains a grand piano and plenty of space for practice sessions whether they be violin, viola, cello, voice, or anything else musical.

Where is it?: Next to the Saybrook Kitchen, closest to Entryway K.

Forms: Please first read the Studio Guide and FAQ form before  submitting a room reservation form to schedule studio time.

To use the recording studio, you must download the Saybrook College Recording Studio Application, save it to your desktop, fill it out compeltely, and email the completed form to the Saybrook Studio Manager, Ann Marie Gilmore, and Micah Luce.

Scheduling: Below is the calendar with schedule slots.