Saybrook College Residential Fellows

The following 4 individuals are Saybrook College’s Residential Fellows, who live among the students in Saybrook, can often be found eating in the Dining Hall, exercising in the gym, or working with students around the college.  Please don’t hesitate to ask them about anything Saybrook-, Yale-, or New Haven-related!

Anjan Bhullar

See Professor Bhullar’s lab website here for his work and a brief bio.

Keely Orgeman

Keely Orgeman is a curator and the author of two exhibition catalogues, as well as other publications in the field of American art. She holds a Ph.D. in art history from Boston University and helps to oversee the collection of American Paintings and Sculpture at the Yale University Art Gallery. Although Dr. Orgeman’s commitment to professional pursuits (such as mentoring students and organizing exhibitions that revive forgotten or neglected histories) runs deep, she actively cultivates a life outside her work. She cooks elaborate meals, takes long walks, reads big books, and, like many native Wisconsinites, watches televised sports with a favorite beverage in hand. But don’t mistake her as being provincial: she is also a fan of Premier League soccer, thanks to the outsized influence of her twin brother, Teague.  Dr. Orgeman may be reached via email.

Jenn Coughlan and Emily Yates

Jenn Coughlan and Emily Yates are excited to be Saybrook Fellows! Jenn is an assistant professor in Yale’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Emily is a librarian. When they’re not hitting the books, Jenn and Emily love hiking and discovering New England, cooking and baking up a storm in the Fellows’ Suite, and watching performance art of all types. You can often find them with their beloved and super fluffy dog, Clover.

Saybrook College Fellows and Associate Fellows are appointed directly by the Head of College and are distinguished Faculty, Staff, and Alumni of Yale University or other important individuals who contribute uniquely to New Haven and Yale University.  The Saybrook Fellows page contains a list of the Saybrook College Fellows along with their brief profiles, photos, and areas of interest.  If you are a current Saybrugian, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of these individuals: they are eager and willing to speak about all things Yale-related and ready to help you in any way they possibly can.