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Housing in Saybrook College begins immediately after spring break and is run by a committee with members from each class and the dean.

Saybrook’s housing inventory is made up of singles, doubles, triples, quads, quints, sextets, and a 12-person suite known as the 12-pack. 

Sophomores live in sextets, the 12-pack, and any room types the housing committee sets aside when the number of sophomores is not divisible by six.  

Seniors and juniors may live in all other room types, although historically seniors have lived in triples, doubles, and singles, and juniors in quints and quads. In some years, a small number of juniors lives in annex housing. Annex housing for the 2020-2021 academic year has not yet been announced, and may not be needed.

Click here to access SY Housing Rules and Regulations.

Click here to see list of suites by type.

If you have any questions, email the Co-Chairs of the Housing Committee listed below.


The Housing Committee

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Housing Information Meeting, Common Room