Resident Graduate Affiliate

Henry Jacob

Henry (he/him) is thrilled to be back in Saybrook as a History Ph.D. student
and Whitney Humanities Center Environmental Humanities Fellow! Born and raised in New Haven, he has come to see SY as a second home. As Resident and Head Grad Affiliate, Henry hopes to be a friend and resource for Saybrugians. 
In particular, Henry seeks to help others succeed through a passion he discovered during college: publishing. While editor-in-chief of The Yale Historical Review, he developed new socially-focused platforms as well as international networks for editors to collaborate. Henry remains committed to these values and has founded initiatives that encourage youth to get involved in research. 
Henry has also been lucky enough to continue his studies abroad since he graduated in 2021: first as a Henry Fellow (yes, he has heard the Henry Henry joke before) at Cambridge and then as a Fulbright scholar in Panama. Thanks to these experiences, he has honed his work on the complex consequences of centuries-long efforts to forge interoceanic shortcuts in the Americas. 
To balance the demands of his courses, Henry indulges in the guilty pleasure of watching trashy shows dubbed in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and French to develop his language skills. (Currently, his Portuguese is faltering and his French is nonexistent!) 
Above all, Henry is here for you if you’re eager to learn more about New Haven and enjoy its outdoor spaces, present your academic ideas to a wider audience, apply for postgraduate opportunities, or just chat. Henry wants to do everything he can to make all Saybrugians feel as if this college is their home too!