SY ‘20 Award Winners

Jazzy Fisher, Mary Casner Prize Winner

Jasmine “Jazzy” Fisher is a Cognitive Science major who served in many roles at Saybrook, perhaps most notably as Head First Year Counselor.  She has shown true commitment to Saybrook culture, worked tirelessly in the good work at Saybrook with a great sense of humor and a commitment to engagement even when enjoying downtime.   It is this unwavering commitment to our comunity that speaks to her efforts in making Saybrook a welcome home for us all.

Alex Lusak, Saybrook Head of College Prize Winner

Alex is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Major.  Over the past four years he worked to make Saybrook a better place for communal living, working, and having fun.  The Head of College and Alex first got to know each other at an infamous Monday night Karaoke Heroes event.  Since that time he worked endlessly in many roles at Saybrook to make Professor Near’s life and job easier and better.

Natalie Schoen, Banner Bearer

This year’s Banner Bearer demonstrated a commitment to Saybrook in countless ways, beginning with participation as a Saybrook College aide, as a First Year Counselor, and as head SY aide.  Tireless, always giving of her time with generosity, good will, and humor, she will be drawing on these qualities as well as her excellent academic performance in her History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health major.

J.P. Shohfi, Student Marshal

A Psychology major on the pre-med track and a captain for Yale Football Team 147 (the unit that will go down in history for the most memorable and impressive comeback in the histoy of “The Game”), John “J.P.” Shohfi has incredible achievements on the gridiron that are matched by his dedication to Saybrook.  As a Marshal, his special duty is to accept Saybrook’s symbolic diplomas from the President for the Yale Commencement cermony.

Jasmine Stone, Fellows’ Prize Winner

Jasmine is a Computer Science major who had a 3.94 GPA and was also a recipient of the prestigious Goldwater and Churchill scholarships.  Her genuine commitment to Saybrook College is reflected by not only her long service, but also as an inspiration and centering influence on our entire community.  In her four years at Yale, she has been and integrarl part of Saybrook College.

Ry Walker, Student Marshal

Ry is an Astrophysics and African-American Studies major who served as a First Year Counselor.  She has had a positive impact not only on Saybrook College, but also on the entire University.  As a Marshal, her special duty is to accept Saybrook’s symbolic diplomas from the President for the Yale Commencement cermony, and there is no one we would rather have represent us.

Ben Weiss, Fellows’ Prize Winner

Ben, a Mechanical Engineeirng major who has served Saybrook College as a First Year Counselor, is one of the rare students who has made not only Yale, but also New Haven, a  better place.  Through his development of Havenly Treats, Ben has created a working enrivonment for refugees that will sustain long beyond his tenure in this city.