April 24th, 2017


·      We have our final college tea of the year

·      Very interesting historian who wrote a book about John Jay for the tea

·      A bunch of study break are planned – stay tuned for an email from Micah

·      Next Thursday will be a freshman only study break

·      To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Peabody we will install a carbon Stegosaurus on Thursday the 27th in the courtyard

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails


·      Sushi study break Tuesday the 25th – will be in basement in game room at 10 pm

·      Ordered over 700 pieces

Community Service

·      A lot of people went to walk for science

·      Opportunities winding down with end of semester


·      Did you know that Saybrook’s constitution details the number of standing committees of SCC as 5?

o   Leon POI: Don’t fact check me


·      Send Leah pictures and she will post them


·      If you have problems email Daniel Fischer

·      Stay tuned for a survey where they will ask mostly about outdoor spaces around Saybrook

o   Near POI: This is very important because we’re considering spending leftover money on furniture and outdoor spaces

·      Rebecca POI: Do we have a blender for the Saybrook kitchen?

o   Not sure, but I will put it on the list for inventory


·      Dinner was awesome at Zinc

Dining hall

·      Dining hall will be busy with prefrosh

·      Please try to stagger your times

·      Casey POI: can we have family night every night?

o   I don’t think we can


·      Join housing committee next year


·      Please use the electronic disposal bin and bring used cartridges to the college office


·      Had a spike ball game we won today

·      Two more weeks of IMs including this week

·      Max POI: where are we in standings?

o   Not sure, but last I check we were in fifth


·      Nothing to report


·      Daniel POI: favorite historical fact Leon?

o   Very interested in learning about the lords that the Saybrook colony was named after

·      Saybrook colony was named after two lords from England, and Lord Say & Seele’s descendants still live in a certain castle in England to this day

·      You can visit this castle at any time if you say you’re from Saybrook College


·      There are executive board positions open until this Sunday

·      Go to spring fling website for any questions


·      $0 in rolling fund

New Business

·      None