April 6th, 2015


April 6, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Mellon Forum this week; otherwise quiet on Master’s front.

Dean’s Report

·      Dean Muller won’t be at SCC meetings for the rest of the semester, due to her busy schedule.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Stay tuned for a study break this week!

·      Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 18th – Say and Sele Day.

o   Saybrook Pocket Tees will be sold, probably for $5.

o   Sky blue.

Community Service

·      Josh Clapper and Layla have been in charged – need help assembling care packages.

·      This weekend is the Spring Day of Service – Layla will be at a table signing people up tomorrow.

·      Aryssa has a ton of opportunities people can get involved in.

o   Sunday the 12th: 11th Annual AIDS walk on the Green, 5k walk. First 50 Yale students get free registration and a tee-shirt. Looking for volunteers; if interested, shoot Aryssa an email.

o   Next Friday, project Homeless Connect on the 17th.


·      Nick W is the IM player of the week.

Sustainability Committee

·      Planning an Earth Day outside event (Wednesday, April 22). Spend day outside, play games, drink lemonade, Frisbee. If you have any suggestions, let the committee know.

Dining Committee

·      Reached out to Jeffrey, away for a couple of days.

·      Any suggestions?

o   Aryssa: discussion with a worker about the need for cranberry juice.

o   Leon: on behalf of Jordan Liebman, proposes a pasta bar.

o   Alex: omelette bar.

o   Magda: Friday tortillas with extra food?

o   Contact Mallet with any questions.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      Summer of 1953, $273 worth of theft in Saybrook. Today would be worth $2473. (Is this correct – asking an econ major to do the math).


·      Did you know, that SCC membership is only allowed for undergraduates? The Master, Associate Master, and Dean cannot vote in elections.


·      Rising senior housing draw finished up today.

·      Rising junior round one will be on Friday.

·      Also on next Monday the 13th and the Tuesday after.


·      Mental health update after a YCC meeting – check it out.

·      Debate took place today.

·      Who was the winner of the debate? We will see when Rumpus comes out with its election coverage.

·      Last item of the year: why can’t we have chicken tenders every week? AMVD thinks that they might lose their appeal.

o   An informal vote seemed to show that Saybrook is divided on whether they prefer chicken tenders every week or every other week.

·      YCC is investigating the curse, but couldn’t meet this week because of Easter.

New Business

$220 left in the rolling fund. People – propose something!

The glider will be repaired soon, it seems!

Grace: CCE updates

·      Everyone got a survey about campus sexual climate. Administration can’t fix problems if they don’t know what’s going on.

·      Surveys are annoying, but just do it!

·      Takes 10-15 minutes top!

·      27 other colleges doing it at the same time and more to come.

·      Aaron: added bonus, they have randomly selected thousands of students for a $5 Amazon gift card.

o   Certain number also gets entered in a lottery for a $500 Amazon gift card.

·      Other piece of business: Take Back The Night coming up on April 17th – event many colleges have to take about sexual climate.

o   Empowerment in general, and making a positive sexual climate.

o   Colleges can co-sponsor the event – SCC advertising?

·      Danielle: Underbrook Coffee House this coming weekend, will be the last one, dedicated to Master Hudak.

o   If anyone is interested in performing, contact Nikita Dutta or Katie Crandall.

o   Will be on Saturday the 11th at 8.