December 1st, 2014

December 1st, 2014
Master and Associate Master’s Report
Friday is the deadline for signing up for Final Cut!  Saybrook has no one. Bring Saybrook pride!
Dean’s Report
Read. The. Deadlines. Hard stop.  Registration meetings and pre-registration deadlines are particularly relevant.
Committee Reports
SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)
Bar pizza study break will be happening during reading period.
This Sunday (the 7th) at Family Dinner there will be a Big Sib/Little Sib holiday photo shoot. Be on the look out for Santa. 
Winter IMs start this week! It’s men’s basketball on Wednesday and women’s on Thursday.
Study break on Tuesday at 9 p.m. in the Master’s House to sign up for winter IM’s!
If you want to be captain for a sport, talk to Magda.
Sustainability Committee
The light bulb exchange was a success! Contact Ihna if you didn’t get any light bulbs.
Sustainability Star of the Week: Clay Gibson, because he only showered twice over Thanksgiving Break.
Dining Hall Committee
Next week is the last Sayburrito Monday of the semester. ☹ 
Media Committee
The SCC Twitter has new followers, so make sure to spread the news!
Also, the Saybrook Strip was publicized in the AP and CNN! Woo hoo! 
Saybrook Historical Society Committee
In 1953, SCC held Forums/Townhall Meetings to bring together the Saybrook Community, such as a discussion about a movie about iron ore mining in Venezuela.
Also in 1953, Saybrook Courtyard was the site of Yale’s first Knee Football game (sounds painful).
Did you know that temporary special committees, like last year’s Mascot Committee, can be approved by only one half of the SCC Exec Board?
Fill out the survey about the Yale Calendar changes. Do it!!
Also, keep your schedules open on Friday at 4 o’clock for a surprise from Michael.
Michael is also working on a vanity project to have “Who Let the Dogs Out” to be played before every athletic match.
Araba’s Dinner
Today she ate quinoa, scallop potatoes, grapes and salted edamame (Meatless Monday!)
Old Business
Aryssa will be succeeding Leon as Operations Manager for the next year!
SAC ended up not hosting the H-Y Tailgate, so there is some flexibility in their budget.
New Business
First idea was to put some of SAC’s money back in the rolling fund.
$500 was allocated to be put back into the rolling fund.
$50 was approved for a Sophomore College Council study break on December 9th, open to all Saybrugians.