December 3rd, 2018

Head of College

·     The tea was today- it was a big success

·     Tomorrow is the second home game for women’s basketball

o  Wednesday is the men’s basketball home opener against Lehigh

·     Tomorrow evening is the seminar committee dinner at Barcelona 

·     Friday in the dining hall is the Saylebration! 

o  Will be serving Saybrew concoction: Hoola-Hopped Coconut Milkshake IPA

·     Saturday is holiday dinner in dining hall 

o  First years have dinner at 175 York

·     Sunday during the day is the holiday cookie bake-off, Biggs house is open to hang out in so stop by!

o  Sunday evening is the tree trimming party. We have 2 trees!

·     Monday, our resident fellow’s are hosting a study break at 8 p.m. in the Common Room

·     Midnight breakfast is on Tuesday 

·     Wednesday there is a study break called Crayons, Cupcakes and Cardi

o  Cardi B?

o  Near: what is that?

Dean’s Report

·     Finals, he hears, are happening soon

·     If there are any situation pertaining to these alleged finals, please stop by to see the Dean

o  They have scheduled drop in sessions in addition to normal office hours 

·     Dean is hosting the Crayons, Cupcakes and Cardi B study break

o  We will have a playlist only with artists who’s name start with C: Ciara, Chingy, Chance, we are debating if 2 Chainz counts?

o  Please let the Dean know who you want to listen to

o  POI: This is lit!


·     Amigos happened!

·     Get ready for Friday’s Saylebration

·     Potential study break next week, stay tuned

·     We love you, we hope you enjoyed all of the events! 

Community Service

·     Mary has bags of clothes in her common room from the donation bin


·     Nothing to report

·     Send us photos, maybe a #tbt

·     Will take a photo at Saylebration

·     If you’re interested in taking over the position, let them know!


·     Don’t break things, if you do, please report it –Daniel Fischer, for the last time :’( 


·     The club has extra money, we are trying to spend it on study breaks 

·     Finals are coming up, take care of your self, SayQueer believes in you!


·     Nat doesn’t know what to say

·     Keep slayin’ –Brett

·     All of the ladies out there are doing a mighty fine job

College Seminar

·     The dinner is Wednesday (tomorrow) at 5 p.m. at Barcelona

Dining Hall

·     All the dining halls will stay open until the 18th, after that on the 19th, only select dining halls are open, they all close after the 19th

·     First year dinner is happening this weekend


·     Be mindful of the sustainability checklist

o  The college office may be doing a prize

·     Have a nice break!


·     Wednesday at 10 p.m., A-hoops vs Branford

o  The game after will decide which ranking you’re in

·     W-hoops will start next semester

·     We won both games vs pPauli Murray

·     Keep going for Tyng!

·     Are we currently in 1stplace?

o  Yes

o  TD is trailing very closely

§ Boo (they are also cheating)


·     Important: we are brewing SYder on Friday, transfer to secondary next week

o  Friday at 3:30 p.m. in the SY kitchen, use to join the GroupMe

·     Trying to get food for the brewing, if you have preferences let Sam know in group chat


·     Daniel’s last SYHSC fact ever: there are two Harvard crests in the courtyard. One is for Adams house, the other one is above the tunnel to Branford. 

o  One of 3 books in the corner of the second crest is painted brown and turned upside down. In the Harvard seal of today, all the books are open. One was painted down to show that Harvard kids are bad at studying.

o  Near: the downturned book really represented the knowledge of divine that we could not access. The change happened in 1950

o  Daniel is taking trip to Lord Saye and Sele’s Broughton Castle in England!!! 

·     If everyone else would like to join SYHSC, Nat would like a friend


·     They are having a day of thanks for custodial and dining hall staff on Dec. 13

o  There will be a card for people to sign and an email or Facebook portal to write a more detailed thank you note

Old Business

·     Nothing to report


·     $0.00 in rolling fund

·     Please return unused money to Roger

·     If you don’t spend it this semester, it gets lost!

New Business

·     POI: We usually get a trinket from office every year, when should we expect that?

·     POI: Does anyone know how the E-12 conglomerate party was?

o  It was fantastic as expected, they’ll be back for more

o  POI: The sink is still a mess

§ That’s a lie

§ Jake will take a photo 

·     Motion to create a memorial for Daniel Fischer **they mean a Kroomson report type thing in the meetings**

o  Seconded!

o  Motion for Ficher Report addition to the meetings (content will be tabled to be decided next semester, but its existence will be cemented in the Constitution)

§  It passes!

·     Motion to adjourn