December 4th, 2017


·      Nothing to report

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails

·      Last day to withdraw from a class is Friday


·      Karaoke Heroes this Wednesday 9-11

·      Friday is Saybrook holiday party starting at 8:30

·      From 9-11 we’ll have gingerbread decorating and an ugly sweater competition

Community Service

·      Everyone read your Dwight Hall newsletter

·      Mary POI: does Saybrook have a community service group affiliation?

o   There has been a contingency of getting the Saybrook group to go to Sunrise but there is no official connection


·      Did you know that there are 4,059 words in the Constitution?


·      Some great wholesome pics of the 12 Pack in use

·      Great shots were taken at IMs last week


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel

·      Check out some holiday lights tomorrow – see if you can figure out what it’s supposed to be


·      This Saturday will be having brunch at Patricia’s

·      Will be meeting at 10 am in the Stone courtyard and walk over together

·      Roger POI: it’s cash only


·      First event is January 26th

·      Laurie Mifflin class of ’73 is coming to speak about her experiences at yale and in the workplace

·      Was a writer at the New York Times for 30 years


·      The dinner is scheduled for some time next week

·      Almost impossible to get all 23 people in the same time frame so please fill it out so it reflects your schedule

Dining hall

·      Holiday Dinner is Saturday for freshmen and FroCos

·      For Saybrook it is also on Saturday in our dining hall

Koomson Report

·      Amber ate in the dining hall

·      She had fried chicken


·      Happens next semester

·      Daniel, Mallet, and Kellen are in charge though Dean Mueller is the expert on everything


·      Nothing to report


·      Only two games this week: A hoops and Whoops both on Thursday

·      A hoops is at 8 and Whoops is at 10


·      Will be brewing over reading period

·      Email Alex if interested in helping out


·      The first group to ever get the Tyng Cup was the Right Group

·      Saybrook was the third group but second college to win in 1935

·      Tamar POI: who was the first college to win?

o   Pierson


·      Nothing to report


·      $0 in the rolling fund

New Business

·      No new business