February 1, 2016


February 1, 2016

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Master Near could not be here tonight because he’s feeling under the weather.

·      Kyle is acting master for this meeting. His first act is to name himself Master Commodore.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Elections today.

·      Kellen and Jack have been nominated.

·      This year, Kellen and Jack have made a powerpoint!

·      Three main goals:

o   Attack class-wide participation in events, as well as to continue longstanding Saybrook traditions and create new ones.

o   And to increase interactions between classes.

o   A vote for Kellen and me is a vote for a smile this year.

·      Shout-out to the outgoing SAC chairs!

Operations Manager

·      Searching for someone to volunteer to be the new operations manager in charge of ordering food for SCC meetings.

Bylaws Committee

·      Still looking for a replacement.

·      Leo volunteers! Yes!


·      Play IM’s!

New Business

Budget proposals! We have more than $15,000 to distribute.

Nixing the Squiche money for everyone proposal.

Proposal for a trip to either the NY Philharmonic or the Boston Symphony – probably will be covered by the Master’s Office.

SAC proposed $11,520.

·      Bringing back Saybrook Semiformal this year. Budgeted $4,100 for that with one free ticket per person.

·      Say and Sele: $2000.

·      Midnight breakfast: $250.

·      Superbowl: $600.

·      El Amigo Felix Round II: $1000.

·      Trivia night: $350. Food and games and whatnot.

·      Three main study breaks: dumpling & scallion pancake, smores night, and orangeside donuts.

·      Popeyes.

·      One study break every day of reading period.

·      $9946 without Insomnia.

·      $9946 allocated!

Video game nights for $600.

·      Francis and Ariel couldn’t be here.

·      Idea started last semester; once a month, maybe more frequently. Event on Friday or Saturday night in the TV room. Play video games and have food.

·      $600 covers 8 events: two of which are going to be twice as big as the other six.

·      $400 allocated.

Operation budget for $750.

·      12 weeks of $60 each.

·      No baking club this semester.

·      $750 allocated.

12-pack wants $2500.

·      Will do an event for Say and Sele.

·      Do something for freshmen to get them pumped for the Olympics.

·      Change to $2400, without the trash cans.

·      Allocated $2200.

New idea for film night: $460.

·      $350 allocated.

Suite of seniors who are dubbing themselves a “senior 12-pack” wants $360.

·      Suite E-12: seniors.

·      They all lived in 12-pack, but want to use the room for everyone.

·      $425 allocated.

Boxing equipment for the gym: $170.

·      $170 allocated.

Dinner party potluck series: $500.

·      Saybrook potluck style dinner party, where people sign up to contribute in some way, whether shopping or cooking.

·      House would be open for the afternoon for people to cook whatever they signed up to cook.

·      Everyone who contributes is welcome at the dinner.

·      People who have particular dishes could do that; people who haven’t cooked much could give it a go; people who just wanted to eat a home-cooked meal with Saybrugians in a house could do that as well.

·      First proposed date is Saturday, Feb 20.

·      $500 allocated.

About $545 left in the rolling fund.