February 10, 2020

 Last Weeks’ Minutes
o Donasia gave the minutes in her last act as secretary.
o Elections happened! The Saybrook Committee on Art was created!
 Head of College 
o Saybrook at the Rep is on Wednesday. The show is Manahatta. If you signed up, show up on time please!
o Mellon Forum is tomorrow for Seniors.
o Saybrook Potluck is Saturday in Biggs’ House.
 Dean’s Report 
o Rising seniors got an email about a new housing offer: mixed college annex housing in Arnold Hall!
o There will only be 45 beds, so it’s pretty small. There will be a lottery.
o You won’t lose your residential college affiliation.
o Amigos night is this Wednesday – make sure to sign up by 7pm on Wednesday!
o There will be a study break on March 5 th but GET READY!
 Community Service 
o Mikaela says hello and that she’s excited to work in this position!
 By-Laws
o Did you know: elections happened last week and they are yearly!
 Media
o No new posts, but keep an eye out.
 Fischer Report
o Don’t break things. Please don’t break things. But if you do, call facilities!
 SayQueer
o SayQueer sadly doesn’t have a budget this semester.
o Hero is going to take over the group.
o Proposal to change the name of SayQueer to GayBrook?
 SlaYdies
o Events in the works! Contemplating going to the women’s basketball team this weekend!
o POI: Alex Cade starts for the team, and Klara the first-year crushes!
 BlackBrook
o Dean Lafargue is moderating an event at the AFAM house in late February about cooking with Bryant Terry in the African diaspora.
o POI: Dean Lafargue says Bryant Terry is staying on campus in Saybrook that week and will do an event in the Lyceum Room.
o POI: Could he share one of his recipes with the dining hall staff to have that week?
 College Seminar
o Interviews are supposed to start next week. TBD.
 Kamm Report (Previously dining hall)
o Looking for someone to take over Joey’s job.
o We’ll send out an email about the available positions
 Koomson Report
o There were no senior ladies. So Sam Rimm-Kaufman had an arugula salad that was very good.
 IM’s
o We’re in the lead over Hopper by 66 points!
o Apparently TD forfeited to us because ‘they don’t like us’ 
o POI: Head Near says TD students have asked to ban Head Near from the dining hall.
 Saybrew
o There will be transfer to secondary on Friday!
o The Eric’s are hoping to take over the job.
o If anyone has any Saybrook-wide events, Saybrew has a lot of beer that they want to serve!
o POI: Would the beer stay drinkable until April? Yes!
o Did you know? The Underbrook used to be a squash court!
o There are two new funds for YCC! Check your emails! There’s A LOT of money on the line.
 Sustainability
o There’s a college-wide survey coming up about sustainability in the dining halls about environmental considerations when choosing what students eat.
 SY Committee of Art 
o When2Meet has been sent!
o POI: Artist Maria Moore who is doing a portrait of Bouchet is almost finished with the portrait and it is incredible! We’re still figuring out the frame. There’s a Bouchet celebration on campus and at Hopkins High School (which predates Yale!).
o POI: Bouchet was the first African-American Ph.D. in the United States (from Yale).
 Old Business
o Thrift shop in the laundry room: there was some unclarity on what the idea was. Sort of a swap-market for items – you take something, you leave something.
o POI: Three years ago there was a thrift sale in the Fellow’s Room that generated a lot of money for donation.
o It might be hard to have a space for it though. To be discussed more.
 Treasurer’s Report
o $0.00 in the fund!
 New Business
o POI: On April 9th we will have a Saybrook movie night and it will not be the initially proposed movie. The movie is ‘The Room’ and ‘Disaster Artist’ paired together.
 POI: Is this a lot of tommy wiseaux for one night?
 POI: Lil asks: why is the Saybrook TV room so warm? The movie plan is for the common room though.
 Motion to Adjourn
o Seconded!