February 16th, 2015


February 16th, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Froco interviews; wine placing will be taking place tomorrow

·      Mellon Forums are going on

Dean’s Report

·      Housing calendar is on the website

·      Process of mixed-gender rising sophomores.

·      Series of meetings a week from tonight; e-mails will be sent out.

·      Meeting of the housing committee at Friday 9:30 a.m. if you want to help facilitate housing! (Baked goods are probable.)

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Bar Pizza study break this Wednesday.

·      Smaller study break next week.

·      Date for Say & Sele is confirmed; if you want to help organize, contact Ihna and Magda.

·      If anyone has any ideas on how to celebrate Master Hudak’s time at Saybrook, contact SAC or Ann-Marie.

Community Service

·      No updates.

·      Dwight Hall representative program.

·      Committee will have one very large project with Dwight Hall.


·      Treadmill has not yet been fixed.

·      Aadi will investigate.

·      Need someone to take over the facilities committee.


·      Doing a little better in the standings – Saybrook is coming out on the top half!

·      Don’t let Saybrook embarrass (his)(her)(it)self!

Sustainability Committee

·      Successful weigh your waste night on Sunday.

·      Average: .14 pounds / person of waste (apprx.)

·      Bottle washing system is in place in the former lost and found section.

·      SC star of the week: Skyler Shibayama…licked bowl when changing courses.

Dining Committee

·      Fun fact: yogurt is not served for lunch and dinner.

·      However, Jeff said you can ask the dining hall staff for yogurt if you want it during lunch and dinner (excellent source of protein during Meatless Mondays).

Media Committee

·      No updates.

·      The Saybrook Facebook page will now be run by current Saybrook students – let Aadi know if you’re interested in helping to run the page.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      In Saybrook Seal of October 1956, a column called “Seal Barks” was discovered.

·      We discussed clay idols in the dining hall (the column made mention).


·      SCC disobeyed the constitution this year because nominations for the council must be held during the second meeting of the semester.


·      First meeting Friday at 9:30 a.m. – Aaron expects smiling faces and a good attitude. Meeting at Dean Muller’s office.


·      Chadd reports: solid meeting this week.

·      Bike rack project to improve placement.

·      Move out times are being examined – hopefully a buffer day will be added at the end of next semester.

·      Mandatory meeting for a YCC board position will be held soon – watch out for an e-mail.

Brewing Club

College Seminar Committee

·      Sign up for interviews – the link was sent out to all students!

·      As incentive, a non dining-hall brunch.


·      Finally pariticpated in Meatless Monday!

·      Had quinoa, salad, milk (2%).

Old Business

No old business…

New Business

·      Leon is proposing a budget proposal.

o   $19.33 because 1933 was the year Saybrook was founded.

o   What is this money for?

o   SHSC would like to create the endowed professorship of Saybrook history, named after Master Basil Duke Henning.

o   Ceremoniously, this money will be donated back into the rolling fund.

o   This proposal could potentially increase the legitimacy of SHSC.

o   $19.33 was allotted!