February 20th, 2017


·      Senior pizza party is this Wednesday

·      Richard Conniff will be here next Monday

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails


·      Amigos this Wednesday

·      Still looking for place for Saybrook semiformal

Community Service

·      Email Aryssa for opportunities


·      Did you know I forgot to bring the speaker?

·      To amend the constitution, you need to have three separate votes.


·      Send Leah pictures and she will post them


·      If you have problems email Daniel

·      Ryan POI: one of the lamps in the Saybrary is broken


·      Sent out emails Sunday night

·      Next Monday and Tuesday are interviews

·      If you sign up for three interviews you get brunch with professor Near and the rest of the committee

Dining hall

·      Send Agnes problems


·      The housing rules for Yale College have changed: you can now have mixed gender bedrooms


·      Electronic disposal bins will be in the basement shortly

·      Max POI: is there something about ink cartridges?

o   Yes, you can bring them to the college office and they recycle them for charity


·      Go to games

·      A lot of basketball this week


·      Read email


·      Before women were allowed at Yale, a guy was sent to excom for having a girl named Gloria in his room

·      If you’re going to the UK this summer, Saybrook has connections with a real castle – talk to email if you’re interested


·      Final Cut is Tuesday from 5-8

·      A lot of free food for freshmen

·      4-5:45 is a Box Out Harvard event at Box this Friday


·      No money in rolling fund

New Business

·      Max proposes Toto’s “Africa” as meeting song

·      Kellen tables it to the next meeting