February 24, 2020

 Head of College 
o SYWine for Seniors is coming up later this week – sign up in the office!
o Cooking Across the Diaspora is tomorrow (Tuesday) at the AFAM house at 4:30PM.
 Dean’s Report 
o There are two housing info sessions, tomorrow at 9pm for first years, Thursday at 9pm at the same time.
o Next Friday is the Credit/D/Fail and Withdraw Deadline.
o Next Wednesday is a ‘Here Comes the Sun’ insomnia cookies study break!
o There will be another Amigos night at the end of March after spring break.
 Community Service 
o Keep donating things! Donate used clothes in good condition in the laundry room.
o There is a meeting with all of the community service reps next week.
 By-Laws
o If there are more than two candidates for a position on SCC board, they are decided through ranked choice voting.
 Media
o Take pictures of SY in the nice weather and DM them to the SY Instagram!
 Fischer Report
o Confusion over who is in charge of Fischer Report.
o If you break things, call facilities!
o The TV in the TV room is not working.
 GayBrook
o Officially now called GayBrook!
 SlaYdies
o SlaYdies is going to the women’s lacrosse game this weekend!
o There will be an interest email later this week.
 BlackBrook
o The event this weekend went well and there was bonding!
 College Seminar
o Please email Ben Kaslow with any notes you took.
 Kamm Report (Previously dining hall)
o Vikram is taking over the Kamm report!
 Koomson Report
o No senior girls, but Carter had meatloaf and brussels sprouts!
 Housing
o You are housed.
o See info about housing meetings above!
 IMs
o We are still winning but by less, so come out to play!!!
 Saybrew
o Some new stuff is being kegged!
o If you have a SY event, let Saybrew know so that they can serve!
o The passing of authority to anyone that is not named Sam Rimm-Kaufman is going well.
o The Dean’s Office entryway is named after Edward Bouchet, the first African-American
Ph.D at any American university.
o POI: Portrait of Bouchet is going up over the entrance to the dining hall!
o No business.
 Sustainability
o No business.
 SY Committee of Art 
o No business.
 Old Business
o No business.
 Treasurer’s Report
o $0.00 in the fund.
 New Business
o What if we planned a trip to the beach in Old Saybrook?
o POI: We could get SYHSC involved officially.
o POI: We should get the HoC office involved because this doesn’t really seem like a SAC thing.