February 24th


February 24th, 2014

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Mellon Forum on Wednesday, Okemo ski trip on Saturday, Master’s Tea this week

Dean’s Report

·      Housing committee has been formed and has meet!  Keep an eye out for another announcement from Dean Muller

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Talk to Chris and Aadi about a possible SAC internship

·      Saybrook Viva’s Night is on Thursday March 27th at 9 p.m.!!!

Community Service

·      Nothing to report—YHAAP Fast coming up in April


·      Treadmill has been fixed


·      Last week of winter season, playoffs beginning next week. We should make playoffs for A and B hoops as well as hockey

·      IM study break Sunday at 9 in masters house

Sustainability Committee

·      Flawless Meatless Monday, although could use better publicity

·      Sustainability Star of the Week: Drew Rubin SY ’11 is co-founder and current offer of Blue State Coffee, which only has food or recyclable products in their store, compost their food, and buys Costa Rica coffee from verified sustainable and fair trade farms.

Dining Committee

·      Nothing to report

·      Honey Nut Cheerios and bowls by the cereal were requested (consider moving of the cereal)

Media Committee

·      If you want to be added to the panlist let the “sexatary” (sexism?) Magda know

·      Collaboration with SYHSC and others for the next newsletter

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·       Passing of Teavana brewer to new co-chairs: Adam, Leon and Jordan. It was weird. Don’t ask.

·      Meeting Friday at 1230 in fellows lounge, featuring fruity teas and brainstorming new initiatives.  Will be going to the Saybrook archives in Sterling after the meeting.  Looking at Master Basil Duke Henning’s papers, scrapbooks, etc.  Meeting with the media committee to look at past Saybrook Seal editions!


·      The only standing committees recognized by constitution is SAC, Bylaws, Media Committee and Facilities.  Amendment is needed for any special committees to status of “standing” committee.


·      Aaron Berman is co-chair of housing committee with Joohee

·      The committee had a meeting tonight with Dean Muller and is fully formed!  If you would like to participate, talk to Aaron Berman

·      Housing floorplans will be available next Monday

·      There is now a new online system which will be explained more during info meetings

·      Lottery will be after Spring Break


·      Yale College Task Force on Alcohol is opening another task force for which student applications are available.  Emphasizing alcohol safety over disciplinary measures.

·      Selection committee for new Dean of Yale College selected Danny Avraham for representative.

·      Final Cut starts tomorrow. Matt Lauer and Bill Martin SY ’14 will be representing Saybrook.

·      Tomorrow will be a meeting about how new residential college will affect academics, today was a meeting about student life.  Meeting is in Calhoun Fellows lounge at 7 p.m.

Brewing Club

·      Cider and Singles went well

·      Internships for rising seniors/other interested parties

·      Brewing new batch of beer next week

Old Business

None to report.

New Business

Submissions for t-shirt/tanks are due Saturday, and the winning entry will get a prize!

Quiet hours for the common room piano are after 11 p.m. on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends.