February 27th, 2017


·      Not present

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails


·      Semiformal is April 8th at Kumo

·      Hibachi, looking into getting a photographer and also a student dj

·      Looking into doing a study break later this week or next week

·      Ana POI: what does hibachi at a dance involve?

o   There are two different rooms – one where the dance would be and one where the hibachi would be

·      Leo POI: is hibachi really a great use of money?

o   Yes

Community Service

·      Stay tuned for information about another walk / run in April

·      PHOCUS applications are in Dwight Hall, due March 11th


·      Did you know 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of our constitution?


·      Send Leah pictures and she will post them


·      If you have problems email Daniel Fischer

·      Hammocks should be out soon if the weather gets better


·      Interviews tomorrow

·      Those who have been coming will be rewarded soon

Dining hall

·      Send Agnes problems


·      No new updates

·      If interested in joining the committee, you can sign up in College Office

·      Take a look at the floor plans – they’re online


·      Electronic disposal bins will be in the basement shortly


·      Three IM games this week – we need more girls to show up

·      Robbed in hoops this past week


·      Read email


·      Meeting with the guys who are renovating the crests soon


·      Email was sent out about the spring survey – if you want to support student athletes take it

·      Talked about transfer student policy

·      Heard from Yale college dean search committee - one final hearing tomorrow

Old Business

·      Vote on Toto’s “Africa” did not pass


·      Potluck cost $333.46 but was allotted $400

·      Now $ 66.54 in rolling fund

New Business

·      None