February 29th, 2016


February 29, 2016

Master’s Report:

Nothing much.

Mellon Forum Tuesday night


Saybrook Semi Formal – has reached out to businesses, still negotiating

Looking at first half of April

Study break on Thursday – food to be decided. Stay tuned!

Community Service

If you have ideas for SY involvement, let Aryssa know

Looking for 1-time opportunities that we can do as a college. Soup kitchen often gets very crowded, so think of other ideas.


Did you know: the budget allocated to Frocos cannot exceed that allocated to SAC.

Media committee:

Talk to Leah if you’re interested in helping run the facebook page

Send her pictures of Saybrook events


Talk to Daniel with any concerns. Use the sanitation wipes!

Seminar Committee

Dinner yesterday. Decided on Richard Conniff’s “History of the Peabody Museum”.

Just published book on history of the Peabody.

Next year is the 150th anniversary next year of Peabody; Master Near is a curator.

SY is built on former site of the Peabody.

Backup: “Law and Law Being”

Dining Hall committee

No one present.


Had meetings today. All info is on website. Aaron and Felix are co-chairs. Kellen, Mallet, Daniel also on committee.


Jack got the job! Saybrook rep to Office of Sustainability.

Initiative: declutter this spring! See facebook event.

Meeting adjourned.