February 8th, 2016


February 8, 2016

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Elections: Kyle Skinner, Aadi, and Master Near have been talking about taking the new members of the SCC board on a retreat (and old board as well) to talk about what sorts of ideas we should apply to the next year of Saybrook awesomeness.

·      Elizabeth (Betsy) Kolbert, Saybrook alumna, a great science writer is coming for a Master’s Tea. Wrote a New York Times Bestseller The Sixth Extinction.

·      Master Near is very excited about upcoming Basketball tournaments…There is an upcoming game at Princeton, and for all those interested in coming out to support the team, let Master Near know: the office can cover the travel. And if we make it to the final game, we are going! (Funded by the Master’s Office).

College Seminar

·      Interviews begin again next week.

·      A Saybrook fellow is offering to teach an exciting course called The History of the Peabody: Master Near has been involved in an exhibit at the Peabody about this as well.

Potluck Series

·      All the spots were gone within 48 hours!

·      Will happen again next month.

·      This will be happening the 20th.

·      That afternoon, the kitchen will be open: come and hang out while your friends are cooking.

Community Service

·      Dino Days at the Peabody.

·      Daniel and Layla were considering going, so let them know if you want to join!

·      Aryssa announces: new community service opportunities coming!


·      Magda suggested a new treadmill for the gym

·      Last week we budgeted a $175 for a punching bag: will be put back in the rolling fund, since the Master Office’s can cover it

·      New ice machine in the basement, as well!

New Business


Leon is the only candidate for president – he wins!

·      Try to make SCC meetings one of the most popular events in Saybrook. Wants to work hard to get freshmen with the help of the fro-cos to come to SCC events. Filling up the committees, etc.

·      Bringing back the committee report!

·      Platform & agenda:

o   Making meetings more popular

o   Better communication with Master’s Office

o   This year: radical innovations and improvement with Professor Near and with Micah.

o   Leon has been a Master’s Aide since freshman year.

o   Having a liaison between both groups will hopefully increase how events work.

o   SAC: obsession with Saybrook history. Three ideas:

§  Do some sort of Battle of the Books reenactment at Say and Sele Day, etc.

§  Stone Courtyard Minigolf Tournament back.

§  And a minor league baseball game event.

·      Leon is happy to talk to anyone anytime about anything.

Vice-president elections.

·      Brett ’19 and Aryssa ’18 are both running for vice-president.

·      Aryssa Damron wins with the promise of Insomnia Cookies and more Big Sib – Little Sib events (including getting little sibs more events with SCC events).

Secretary elections.

·      Leah Meyer is eager and knows that she can learn a lot about the art of note-taking from her would-be predecessor.

Budget elections.

·      Daniel Fischer is nominated! He has experience with the 12 pack budget and can’t wait to entertain proposals, spread the wealth around, and learn a lot more about managing Saybrook finances.

·      Daniel promises there will not be any conflict of interest between the 12 pack and his duties as a budget director: he will cede himself to any oversight committee of Saybrugians and auditors.

·      David ’19 runs on a proposal of a large rolling fund!

·      Daniel wins the election!

·      Either way, we will look more into the rolling fund!

Last Treasurer update

·      With new money back, $715.

·      One new budget proposal, which will probably go to Master’s office:

o   White boards for private study rooms in the Saybrary.

o   Micah and the Master’s Office will be consulted about this.