Carlos Riobo

I am a scholar of contemporary Latin American literature. As a professor at The City College of New York-CUNY, I teach graduate and undergraduate students. My research is often done through CUNY’s Graduate Center’s Bildner Center for Western Hemispheric Studies. I also have a number of administrative responsabilities: am deputy chair of my department, run scholarships, etc. Outside of academia, I serve on several non-profit boards, such as The Callen-Lorde Community health Center in NYC.

Thomas Near

I am an evolutionary biologist interested in processes of speciation and adaptive radiation. My work uses genomic tools to study evolutionary questions in fishes. I also serve as the curator of the fish collection at the Peabody Museum of Natural History. Field sites visiting by my research group include the southeastern United States, islands in the Caribbean, and Antarctica. As an undergraduate I was a history major studying ancient Greece. My undergraduate thesis was on the methods of gathering knowledge in Aristotle’s surviving biological writings.

Tassos Kyriakides

Epidemiologist (infectious diseases; focus on HIV/AIDS) -Biostatistician on US/international medical research projects (clinical trials and observational studies) -Work on a number of infectious disease projects with emphasis on HIV epidemiology, prevention, treatment and drug-resistance. -Statistical consultant/analyst

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