January 14th, 2019

Head of College

·     Welcome Back!

·     Sign-up for ski trip is this Thursday morning, first-come first serve when HoC office opens

o  Feb 9thin VT at Mount Snow

o  Enter the office at 8:45 am- you cannot come in the door until then!

Dean’s Report

·     Today was registration, if you registered, good!

·     Course forms are due next week 

o  Wednesday through Friday

·     POI: What happens if you miss registration?

o  $50 to registrar


·     Alex and John’s last meeting

·     It was a great SAC year, they will still be around to act as figureheads

Community Service

·     Continue donating clothing

·     Lots of applications for different community service positions! Lots of YHHAP positions

·     Let Mary know if you are interested in being trained in doing HIV testing

·     Contact CHE@gmail.comor Tamar if you’d like to get involved in CHE


·     Did you know: the purpose of this organization is to promote the state and welfare of this college


·     Had a great post with Kai and Tyler with the SY flag

·     Stay tuned for more posts!

·     Contact if you’re interested in taking over a position!


·     POI: If you fail fire the safety test, what do you do?

o  Technically you have to sign it and return it to the office on the form

o  In reality, it never happens, you don’t get charged


·     Nothing to report


·     Keep slaying

·     Yeah Whoops!

College Seminar

·     Will start up 2-3 weeks

Dining Hall

·     Sunday through Thursday Slifka is open until 9 pm, there will be a food theme each night

·     MLK day will be a weekend dining schedule

·     POI: Near had a meeting with head of Yale dining, there is talk of closing certain dining halls during lunch in order to open late dining options, Saybrook is on the cusp of being closed for lunch

o  Take your lunch at SY if its convenient for you 

o  Otherwise we may be closed for lunch

·     Slifka is kosher space, don’t bring in your own food if you go for late dining 


·     Details should be announced quickly, will happen around mid-march, think about housing for next year

·     Think about rooming arrangements- sophomores live in sextets


·     Hope you’ve had a sustainable break!

·     Its really cold so be mindful of windows!


·     Broomball vs TD at 10 pm tomorrow

·     Wednesday inner tube water polo vs Morse

·     Broomball vs Morse at 10:30 pm

·     More people the better, broomball is a lot of running around so its good to sub out 

·     POI: Wear tennis shoes for broomball

·     May incentivize with Yorkside


·     Motion to be moved up in minutes

·     Welcome new members of SYHSC:  all of 12 pack, maybe some 1styear commits (?) 

·     Fact: Paul Giamatti’s father who was a president of Yale and the Commissioner of Major League Baseball was a student of Saybrook

·     His name is also carved on a wall in the SY Common Room


·     SY-der is alcoholic (it fermented) will be kegging soon, must be cold and carbonated

·     Join the group chat tinyurl.com/syder2018 

·     It’s a low workload position and you get to provide brew for Saybrugians over 21, if you want to take over position, talk to Sam

·     Just got a new beer- will taste good- fruity wine-ish


·     Nothing to report

Old Business

·     If you’re voting member and you want to change the facilities report to the Fischer Report, vote now

o  Motion passes

·     Sign in if you want to be eligible to vote for budget next week

·     Meeting will be on MLk=K day

Treasurer’s report

·     New budget, next week we will allocate $16,000, send suggestions to Roger

New Business

·     POI: It’s an exotic tropic wheat wine- gonna be good!

·     Motion to adjourn