January 15th, 2017


·      Welcome back and Happy New Year

·      Going to have another great semester

·      Micah sent out an email about some new artwork in the basement

·      One special tea Feb 7th—Tarrel McCraney, author of Moonlight

·      Saybrook is the only college he’s talking to

·      Another tea is in the works with another screenwriter, Aaron Tracy

·      This will probably happen the week before spring break

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails

·      Be sure to have 3 course credits in OCS tonight


·      Nothing to report

Community Service

·      Everyone read your Dwight Hall newsletter

·      Lots of cool MLK related events this month

·      Kai POI: what are the special events?

o   A conference, a march


·      Did you know that there exists a bylaw committee that you can join?

·      Near Point of Executive Commentary: there should be at least one member of each class on this committee


·      We would like access to the media committee in order to post things on Facebook


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel

·      There have been some issues with hot water and people are working on fixing it

·      Near POI: I think the hot water issue has been resolved


·      Will do a Call Me by Your Name field trip

·      If you want to be added to the Facebook group, contact Tyler, Mariel, or Jacob


·      Nothing to report


·      Union League dinner poll was sent out and will be sometime next week

·      Looking for people who want to participate in the college seminar process to take over for David

Dining hall

·      Today we had the brunch dinner schedule

·      Starting tomorrow we go back to the normal schedule

·      Don’t take stuff out of the dining hall

Koomson Report

·      Aryssa had the Aryssa special, which is pasta


·      Starting after spring break


·      Be sustainable

·      Be careful of leaving windows open

·      Near POI: please be mindful of the windows being open because that can cause water damage

·      Kellen POI: Yale doesn’t pay for your stuff if it gets damaged


·      Go to IMs

·      We’re still in first place

·      Water polo starts Wednesday

·      Basketball and broomball will start tomorrow

·      Bowling starts Friday

·      John POI: are there bumpers?

o   No


·      Brewed two batches the week before break

·      Should be ready to be served in a few weeks


·      The reason the Saybrook basement isn’t as wonderful as other basements is because when they were doing renovations in the 50s, the guy was fired halfway through designing our basement


·      Nothing to report


·      Budget meeting is next week

·      If you have proposals, email them to David

·      Before the budget meeting are SAC elections

·      The week of the 29th will be E-board elections

·      Talk to Kellen or the people in the current positions if interested

New Business

·      No new business