January 21st, 2018 (Budget Meeting)

Head of College

·     Nothing to report

Deans Report

·     Schedules are due this week


·     There are elections today

·     There are 2 nominations: Jesse Nadel and Sarah Force

o  They are elected!

·     POI: Blue chair is reserved for SAC people

Community Service

·     Donate clothing

·     Will be getting period product donation bin in laundry room as well, please donate products to Period group on campus


·     If budget goes over, we have to start over, don’t go over!


·     Send us things to post

·     If you’re interested in the position, reach out to Jazzy and Tamar

·     Its very easy

·     Follow the Instagram

·     POI: Who do I send photos to?

o  DM the account 

Fischer Report

·     Don’t break things, if you do, report it

·     The heat is supposedly on


·     Stay tuned, big things coming


·     Nat is not here

·     Whoops coming up!

College Seminar

·     Its coming up, keep at it

Dining Hall

·     Eat lunch in SY so we don’t loose our lunch privileges

·     POI: why have they listed pizza every day?

o  It’s a glitch


·     Will send out an email in February

·     Let Dave or Brett if you have questions

·     Start looking for future suitemates


·     Met with grad student, Sabrina, she reached out about Pay as you Throw program, garbage is weighed after we throw things away, she is compiling data and computing garbage per capita

·     Wants to incentivize colleges to recycle more, throw out less. After a trial period, the college that is the best will win a prize

·     There are a few participating colleges, we have been selected as of of them, Alex will send out emails of our data

·     POI: Do we have preliminary data?

o  He will ask, it is starting in January

o  We can throw away our trash in other colleges

o  January’s data won’t be available until second week of February

·     POI: If anyone needs a recycling bin, they are in basement trash room


·     We won water polo tonight!

o  We had the minimum gender distribution, we want to see more people out there

·     Be prepared for Wednesday, we are playing TD!

·     POI: There was a first year in DC trash talking SY about how they beat us in broomball last year, be aware of little devils

·     There is a lot of sh*t talking going around— don’t mind the haters

o  John put him in his place


·     Officially have 1stgluten free brew, SY-der was kegged, sad more people didn’t come out for the kegging

o  We had donuts, took half an hour to keg, brew is delicious, look out for it at the Super Bowl party and Saye and Seale

·     Always looking for anyone, it’s a low time commitment; we need more active members, completely funded and meet great people!


·     Nothing to report


·     Email coming soon- period products will be in residential college bathrooms in the next 2 weeks

Old Business

·     Nothing to report

Treasurer’s report

·     Initial Proposal:

o  SAC $13,210

o  SayQueer $650

o  12-pack $2,250

o  Blackbrook $500

o  E-12 conglomerate $373

o  The Beach $690

o  Total $17,673

·     SAC: 3 Amigos nights, Saye and Seale, Super Bowl party, 5 study breaks, SY semiformal

o  POI: Can it be Sushi on Chapel and not Anaya’s for study break?

o  POI: What was the allotted amount last semester?

§ $12,750, last spring term it as $12,000

o  Other amounts: $12,500, $13,000, $12,100 (proportional amount), $12,750

o  Final: $12,500

·     SayQueer: providing funds for only residential college LGBTQ group, last semester $500 was perfect, we do brunches, movie trips 

o  Of $650, $400 for movie theater, $100 for misc., $50 for transport, $100 for food

o  POI: What was returned last semester? 

§ $408

o  POI: What is adjusted rate

§ $500

o  POI from Prof. Near: SayQueer is special, want to applaud work of keeping it confidential, seems like a lack of transparency but they are protecting privacy of members, does phenomenal work, that is what is important!

o  Amounts: $500, $650, $200, $350, $400

o  Final: $350

·     12-pack: asking for 5 parties planned, semiformal pregame, Sophomore party, misc. pregames (3x), Spring Fling post party, Easter/spring party, 2 SY-duty nights, new speakers ($300) and new lights ($100), misc. supplies

o  POI from Prof. Near: funds available from HoC to augment events for sophomores, could be used for sophomore only party

§ “Ice and speakers are the two things you need for a party”

o  POI: What is budget excluding sophomore party?

§  $2,050, 

o  POI: What is the proportional amount?

§ $2050

o  POI: How much did they return?

§ Exact is unknown, but pretty close to using most of it

o  Amounts: $2250, $2,050, $2000, $2650, 

o  Final: $2,250

·     The Beach: Suite 0-31 wants to plan a march movie night, Valentines Day party, 

o  POI: Dean Lafargue and Prof. Near can’t advocate a party on the roof, there was a problem in history of SY, people got drunk and bad things happened, will not have 30-40 people out there partying 

o  POI: What is the breakdown?

§ $50 for décor, $400 for drinks (lemonade), $40 for cups, $150 for snacks $50 for lights, 

o  POI from Prof. Near: Applaud the 12 pack, when they budget for solo cups, they bought solo cups, Prof. Near is skeptical of line item for $400 for lemonade, this is not okay

o  Motion to table budget

·     Black Brook: black student affinity group, started this year, spearheaded by Elliot, tried to do SY dinners on family night, trying to incentivize people to come out so want to have more official events, want to have a larger retention rate with black students in SY b/c many switch to other colleges

o  Want $500: asking for $200 for a Sandra’s brunch (soul food), $200 for black film (or SY at the Rep), $100 for on campus events in the college 

o  POI from Prof. Near: this is a wholly organic thing started by students, only college that has something like this!

o  John will petition later to add Blackbrook as a standing committee

o  Amounts: $500, $527, $600

o  Final: $600

·     E-12 Conglomerate: (INSERT BIG SPEECH…history shines its light on a single suite in Vandy, it is now too big to fail… quotes Michael Scott), also spent double of what they expected on party last semester, so they are planning on having 2 parties, can make due with $300, planning a tentative speaker event (“You’ll see) also have a new instrument for the band (saxophone) 

o  POI: As his Froco, Dave says their party was one of the more well-run parties, very cognizant of Frocos’ input throughout the night, want to set the precedent that first-years have a chance to ask for money from SCC!

o  Please just don’t go over!

§ Only have $300 left to allocate

o  POI from Prof. Near: No reasonable HoC would let this go unfunded

o  Amounts: $300

o  Final: $300

·     New Business

o  John wants to create a standing committee for Blackbrook

§ This will be voted on next week b/c a change in constitution requires 2 weeks

o  Squiche is now open!

o  Elections next week

o  Motion to adjourn