January 27th, 2020

  • Head of College 

    • Let’s move 

  • Dean’s Report 

    • Let’s move 

  • SAC

    • Superbowl party on Sunday, more info to follow 

  • Community Service 

    • Donate clothes

  • By-Laws

    • Did you know?: Your points reset at the end of the year, not the end of the semester, which will have implications for today’s budget meeting

  • Media

    • Good pics

  • Fischer Report

    • Don’t break anything 

  • SayQueer

    • Nothing to report 

  • SlaYdies

    • Nothing to report 

  • BlackBrook

    • Nothing to report 

  • College Seminar

    • Has new proposals. Will get interviews out in the next couple of weeks 

  • Dining hall

    • Lunar New Year dinner tonight 

    • Last week was citrus week

    • Koomson Report

      • Skipping it 

  • Housing

    • First years can apply to be a rep on this committee

  • IMs

    • A lot going on tonight

  • Saybrew

    • Possible brew this weekend or next, check email for updates 


    • During the SY Strip, someone used to play Sweet Child O’ Mine

    • Don’t know if the band or someone else

  • YCC

    • Nothing to report 

  • Sustainability

    • There’s an electronic waste recycling bin in the laundry room, talk to Chris if you have questions 

  • Old Business

    • Ben the Frosh’s idea of organizing the Saybrary to make the collection usable. Tabling until more info on the renovations 

  • Treasurer’s Report

    • Let’s get spending! 

    • $16,000.00 in the rolling fund 

  • New Business

    • Next week is elections and formation of any new committees can happen then 

  • Budget meeting 

    • Explanation of the rules (Iykyk, if not, check the constitution) and selection of voting members in each class 

    • Proposed budget 


Amigos Nights (4 total)



Spring Formal



Say and Sele






Sushi Study Break



Pizza Study Break



S’mores SB



Insomnia SB



Garden Catering SB





Parties ($245 ea. x6)



Cleaning Supplies






Suite Decorations




The Before Trilogy

film rental fee



(Sam Gallen)

oreaos (x3)



La Croix (x4)



Smart pop (x5/6)



Soda (x3)



Candy (x3)



Papa Johns Pies (x3)




Saybrook Cooks Mixers

Groceries ($100ea. x3)



(Ben Weiss, Nina and Sam RK)








Space Jam Study Break



Album Release Kickback



Board Game Night



Movie Night at Criterion OR Monthly Movie Night




B11- Biscuits and Jam

Jam Session ($56.78ea. x6)



(Matt Post)





Event 1: House Music Show



Event 2: Student Bands



Event 3: Student Bands



Event 4: Conglomerate Fest



Event 5: Rooftop Fest






Movie Night



Women’s Varsity Sport ($40ea. x2)



Baking Day







    • Biscuits and Jam was actually requesting $56.78 six times, so we’re starting roughly $1,500 over budget 

    • SAC 

      • Micahh and new chairs  worked to make this number less than it once was 

    • 12-pack 

      • Trying to build up capital for the future 12-pack 

        • Keeping $400 for future capital (also extra lights, cleaning supplies, etc) regardless of anything and then basing the rest of the budget off of the extra 

        • Hoping to get a new speaker. They already have one and Micah graciously provided another, but they don’t link up which makes it difficult to hear when the 12-pack is full

    • The Before Trilogy

      • Thinks it would be good if SY could gather around a movie…or two….or three

      • Amazing series about time and conversation

      • Would be happy to make it any trilogy, but would like it to be this one 

      • Also snacks and food

      • POI: Potentially have this in the Underbrook

    • SY Cooks 

      • Ben Weiss (also Nina and Sam?) 

      • Continuation of last semester’s program. Recap: By lottery, 4 SY students (1 from each class) and plus ones from their SY class.

      • Rewarding to see people who had never stepped in a kitchen come out learning a recipe that was relatively complex

      • Looking to bring new people onto the team to keep it going after Ben graduates

    • Blackbrook

      • Sandra’s, album release kickback (dependent on album), space jam study break, board game night 

      • Either Criterion or  monthly movie series like Dolemite is My Name or Coming to America

    • Biscuits and Jam

      • Matt Post and what is colloquially the suite is known as “the Chill suite” 

      • Mariel appreciates their graphic design

      • A lot of effort was put into this

      • Reflection about what builds community and they’ve determined it’s food and communal singing. Have been doing this this year informally, but want to formalize this to bring more people in.

      • Wouldn’t be real jam, the jam is the music. The biscuits are Popeye’s. Want one basically every other week. 

      • POI: Could they apply for CPA funding for this?

        • No

      • POI: We have unused funding for sophomore activities because of the Sophomore Pitch, so HOC will fund this. 

        • Due to this generous contribution, now roughly $1155 over budget 

    • O61 Conglomerate

      • They’ve done cool stuff in the past. Unfortunately, suitemates abandoned Conrad today

        • Jk, a John Cena song later played and the suite entered through the common room window! You had to be there, it was great 

      • Instead of a projector like last budget proposal, they came prepared with a tv which they used to display their powerpoint outlining their history (did a bunch last semester and a huge hit among all! Had pics to show it) and future hopes and dreams 

        • Hired an economist to get all the stats 

          • 330% happiness increase 

          • A lot of quotes 

            • Many quotes from Hero Magnus :) 

      • Want to have a house music show of it’s very first kind 

      • Thinking of a Conglomeratefest  that will maybe have multiple bands playing at the same time

        • A better Lollapalooza 

        • Thinking of a multiple day event

        • At least $5 cheaper than Lolla - and by that they mean free 

      • Spring Fling show / rooftop fest. Have been working on this idea with Prof Near 

        • An alternate venue competing with spring fling in the morning. 

        • People in the courtyard and O61 with music

        • A bit more lowkey than the intensity that comes with Spring Fling 

      • Want to rent professional grade audio and potentially lighting for the shows. Also food 

      • Ambassadors for SY 

        • Murray just had a nightlong concert 

      • POI: You were able to get by last semester without equipment, so why do you need it now? 

        • Well yes and no. Basically have gotten audio equipment by borrowing it from a very kind professor, who has said it can’t be used very often. Would be optimal to not use a person’s personal equipment 

        • POI: Could a subwoofer be rented from some Yale department? 

          • Mariel potentially knows of an avenue 

        • Haven’t been able to find anything for lighting 

      • They lose money on this and spend personal money on it, when they shouldn’t be because it’s such a great shared experience 

    • Slaydies 

      • Relaunched last semester and was super successful! 

      • Used the full budget

      • Had turnout from all grades, often new people for different events. Many new friendships forged! 

    • Voting began. The proportional amount was calculated. We did not go over budget and have to start over! 

    • Final budget 

      • SAC - $13,000

      • 12-Pack - $1,000

      • The Before Trilogy - $80

      • Saybrook Cooks Mixers - $278 

      • BlackBrook - $475

      • Conglomerate - $717

      • SlaYdies - $450

    • Motion to adjourn?

      • Seconded