January 28th, 2019

Head of College

·     Not much going on, Near is available for questions… no questions, okay I rest

Dean’s Report

·     Read your emails

·     Remember sometime in March to withdraw without getting a W


·     We had first Amigos night last week!

·     “It was Lit” –Prof. Near

·     We’re having a superbowl party on Sunday with food

o  Go Chiefs and Saints!

Community Service

·     Donate clothing in laundry room!

·     There is also now a Period products donation bin in the laundry room

·     In the next few weeks we will have period products in SY bathrooms

·     Looking to set up a SY-New Haven community service event

o  POI: Donations for clothes is seasonal or all year round?

o  All year round!

·     POI: Run for refugees is this Sunday, make sure to contact people to see if they’ll donate!


·     Did you know Saybrook has ranked choice voting, however, we’ve never used it bc we’ve never had more than 2 candidates run for a position

·     During a riveting meeting of the by-laws committee, we have approved to include Blackbrook as an official committee, will be voting for it in new business


·     Shoutout to Anvay who sent  an awesome google drive album 

·     Pictures don’t have to be as high quality as his, just send them over!

·     Cute idea: anyone who wants to dress really football-y for the Superbowl, we will take a photo for insta

Fischer Report

·     Don’t break things

·     Power was out


·     Stay tuned in 2-3 weeks for a brunch


·     Keep slaying!

·     Whoops is happening now

College Seminar

·     Nothing to report


·     Slifka is open until 9 pm for extended dining hours

·     POI: Breakfast sandwich program has been discontinued?!

o  They were popular, Joey can reach out

o  POI: Can you make inquiries about the wraps!

o  The wraps will happen every 3-4 weeks, the full wrap stations were discontinued

·     POI: A first year requesting that the freezer be lowered by a few degrees so he could scoop his ice cream better

o  That’s sensible feedback, Joey will include it in the email


·     Whole new electronic housing system, we will not have the white board, supposedly it’s much easier to use, will be a meeting to train Housing Committee on how to use it

·     Look for potential suitemates

·     Don’t transfer!


·     Pay as You Throw program meeting is pending, an other individual reached out, we will have a meeting soon


·     Had swimming, Slaydies slayed, men did not (only 3 people were there: Leo, Jake and Brett)

·     Gave it our best, if we make it to finals its because of Slaydies

·     Come next week men if you swim

·     Broomball and water polo this week, bowling on Friday, huge hit- lots of fun!


·     Plan on serving at Superbowl Party

·     Unsure of which brew we’ll be serving

·     Chat with Sam about joining, low time commitment, really fun!


·     The fellows lounge was donated and renovated by Bruce Dayton ’41, father of the Governor of Minnesota


·     …Moving on

Old Business

·     Nothing to report

Treasurers report

·     $0.00

·     Meeting last week went well, its been a good year

New Business

·     um… elections?

·     ofices: President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary

·     Constitution has extensive descriptions of job details

·     We will go from president followed by VP, Treasurer then Sectretary

·     Rank choice voting, if not contested more than 2 then it is single choice, if there is a single person, its by voice proclamation 

·     3 minute floor speech to outline platform for each candidate

·     Eligibility for voting: have had 3 points to qualify to vote 

·     President Nominations: Alex Lusak

o  Alex voted as president

·     VP Nominations: Roger

o  Roger voted as VP

·     Treasurer Nomination: Mariel

                            o Mariel voted as Treasurer 

·  Secretary Nominations: Sam, Donasia

o  Sam

§ First year, loves Saybrook updating fellow first years about what is going on

§ Good typing skills, attentive listener, he cares about well being of Saybrook and being here, would love the honor of serving and helping out!

                        o  Donasia

§ Roommate says she screamed “Say What” in her sleep during the first few weeks of school 

§ First year, wanted to get involved in SY since high school

§ Good attendance, took typing classes in youth, will add smiley faces

o  Donasia voted as secretary

·     Vote to include Blackbrook as permanent standing committee

o  Congrats, vote passes!

·     Can Tamar get a picture of new board after the meeting?

·     Motion to adjourn