March 2nd, 2015


March 2nd, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

Dean’s Report

·      Course drop deadline is this Friday!

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Great Insomnia Cookies study break.

·      Viva’s Night will be on a Wednesday.

Community Service

·      Layla is investigating having Saybrook go work in a soup kitchen.


·      Exciting update: Aadi will speak to Master Near about facilities needs. He is looking for a working list of needs before Spring Break.


·      E-mail about playoffs was set.

·      A Hoops, B Hoops, C Hoops, and Hockey.

·      Master Hudak described the floundering state of IMs…we have some work to do! Troops, rally!

Sustainability Committee

·      Food waste report was published.

·      Saybrook so far has the least amount of waste.

·      Watch out for an Earth Hour and St. Patrick’s Day event after the break.

·      Sustainability Service Corps is trying to get spring salvage done earlier – if you have clothes or materials you don’t want anymore, bring them to YHAAP. Watch out for an e-mail from Ihna! (This is too have less things to move around at the end of the year). Put your heaters at the lowest settings, too! At 1 or 2.

Dining Committee

·      We will have concrete floors after the Spring Break in the dining hall. Only after this semester will the wood paneling be replaced.

·      Potential idea: drawing murals on the floors.

·      Posters that were damaged during the flood are being restored.

Media Committee

·      Follow the Media Committee @SaybrookCC..

Saybrook Historical Society Committee


·      In honor of future master Near, did you know that the word fish appears exactly zero times in the Saybrook Constitution.

·      (Some wish to change this.)


·      Check the Housing page on the Saybrook website!

·      Is the Google Doc on the housing website online?


·      Solid meeting: Dean Holloway was present (for the first time!)

Brewing Club

College Seminar Committee

·      Next year’s seminar: Myth, Magic, Miracle: Reading & Writing the Unreal, taught by Courtney Sender, a Yale graduate.

Araba’s meal

·      Barely ate any of the chicken

Old Business

New Business

Brainstorming things Aadi can talk to future Saybrook Master Near about.

·      Laundry machines not breaking regularly.

·      Treadmill and the general state of the gym.

·      Study Rooms upstairs being somewhat sound proof.

·      Game room.

·      Replacement for the loveseat in the common room because of loose springs.

·      Fix the Saybrook glider! (the cornerstone of Saybrook social life when it’s warm outside)

·      Artwork in the hallways of the basement! At least some pictures to put up on the walls of the basement.

·      New pool cues in the basement. And ping pong paddles.

·      Better insulation of the windows, especially in common rooms.

o   B11, sewage smell, for instance.

·      Drafts in the dining hall.

·      Every 40 minutes, the TV in the TV room goes to static.

o   Has happened in Game Room, TV room, entryway B.

o   TV room: total of 3 batteries for 6 remotes.

o   Not clear what anything does (system itself).

·      Rubik’s Cube painting – missing square.

·      Storage during the summers – we’ve been going down in the number of boxes available.

·      Ventilation in the Squiche so that we don’t all have to share the (mmm, mozz sticks) smell.

If you think of anything, please e-mail Aadi (try to do this before Friday!)