March 30th, 2015


March 30th, 2015

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Viva’s night took place last week.

Community Service

·      Working on securing volunteer opportunities for this month.


·      Turning the Dark Room into a gym annex.

o   (Across from Computer Room)

o   Dark Room made in a renovation in 2001

o   Nobody has really used it in 4 or 5 years.

o   Talked to donor that made that room possible.

o   Will make it a second part of the gym – we need to consider what new equipment we want, which old things to keep, etc.

o   Danielle will be participating in this endeavor.

·      Treadmill and elliptical in the gym is working.

·      Already turned garbage room into a music room.

·      Laundry room update: laundry machines are frequently broken.

o   Master’s Office is not involved in repairing those.

o   Contracted out to third party.

o   Most efficient way to get help: call the 1-(800) number on the machines.

o   They are very quick to respond – just need to call!

o   Will donate clothes that have been lying around. They will be donated to charity, so get clothes you have been neglecting from the laundry room by Tuesday night!

o   Also, Mary Beth has 3 large bags of clothes that were left in the machine during break or previous semesters. E-mail her if you would like to take a look at the clothes. Otherwise, she will donate them to Spring Salvage.


·      IM A-Hoops and B-Hoops teams played in semi-finals today.

·      First spring game today. Won first softball game against TD!

o   Danielle was the one who showed up and allowed us to play.

·      IM athlete of the week will be reinstated – look out for pictures in the hall.

·      Hudak points will be made a thing again. Players will be expected to tell the IM secretaries which sports they played in.

·      It seems that someone has been stealing the IM sheets from the Common Room.

o   Curse? Facilities? A thief?

o   Brainstormed potential ideas for avoiding this issue – potentially putting the information on a computer or creating a Google Form.

Sustainability Committee

·      Had a meeting to talk about potential sustainable changes.

·      Big announcement: if your bathroom is a switch light and you would like it to be motion-sensored or vice-versa, let Ihna know. (i.e. for religious purposes)

·      Earth Hour at the 12-pack last Saturday went successfully.

·      Big event on Friday: waste audit in the courtyard around 1p.m.

o   People in giant white suits will sort through Saybrook’s waste to make sure recycling is happening properly.

o   Will be having ice cream (tentatively)…will be a social event where you watch other people go through your trash.

·      FYI: electronic trash can be disposed in the Computer Room or given to the Student Techs at Bass.

·      No one was deserving of Sustainable Star of the Week.

Media Committee

·      Master-elect Thomas Near now follows Saybrook College Council on Twitter.

·      Professor near signed up for IM softball.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      In 1956, students began registering electronic refrigerators.


·      Order during meetings is not necessarily in line with the Saybrook Constitution!


·      Well underway…open houses have been held.

·      Sophomore housing took place last week.

·      Rising senior housing lottery is this week, rising juniors to follow next week.

·      Questions should be sent to Aaron or Joohee.

·      Open house this Thursday.


·      Closing time for YCC.

·      Elections are next year.

·      If anyone is interested in running for Saybrook representative, feel free to reach out to Magda or Chadd.

·      Mental Health Forum: meeting on Thursday morning to go through the report.

New Business

·      Saybrook curse? What is to be done? Michael thinks we should take action.