March 31st, 2014


March 31st, 2014

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Friday is YHHAP Fast. Thursday evening there will be a sign up study break

·      Friday evening Saybrook seniors are going to Yale Cabaret, and Sunday will be the trip to see Raisin in the Sun

Dean’s Report

·      A message about housing is forthcoming. As is winter. Read your emails. “Something about something.”

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Chris is at an away game at Colombia (Go Chris)!

·      Viva’s Night was a success, and will happen again in the fall!

·      Say and Sele (18th) and Semi-Formal (Friday before spring fling)

·      Assassins have eliminated 34 of their targets, including our esteemed President Casey. There are 69 people left, Dean Muller is still in, and the Saybrary is NOT a safe zone. Be crafty.

Community Service

·      Blood Drive this week! It’s at Rose Alumni House by Davenport.

·      Put change into the Freshman Olympics Change Wars jars!

·      Sign up for YHHAP is this Friday! You can sign up through SIS.


·      There’s a sticker askew on the Rubic’s Cube crest. We’re fixing it.


·      Many games have been delayed, so keep up with updates!

·      Please keep your turn out up for sports that are not soccer.

·      We need an Ultimate captain!

Sustainability Committee

·      Earth Hour went well! Vandy residents turned off their lights and Harkness was dark!

·      Sustainability Stars of the Week: Patrick Casey, Michael Herbert, Chris Moates and Aadi.  They recycled the tops of the Bar Pizza pizza boxes!

Dining Committee

·      Sarah met with Jeff and re-sent him the cereal survey (Special K!).

·      Midnight breakfast is coming up this semester.  Fortunately I will not cook this meal for you naked.

·      Vegetarians would appreciate a daily pasta option.

Media Committee

·      Nothing to Report.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      Great interview with Stuart Teal for the departing seniors series.  He told us that in the 1980’s the Master of Saybrook was arrested for pedophilia and the FBI raided the Master’s House.  He’s still in jail.  Dean of Saybrook College was accused but acquitted of the murder of a senior science student.  Ann Marie has been here for all of that.

·      1934 First Saybrook Seal: To our readers: “The Saybrook Seal today is a thin, weedy, undersized infant, perhaps an unwanted child, born only to be exposed on the mountains or to die of neglect.  But we, who helped bring him into the world have high hopes for him in the future.  Heaven lies about him, and we done our humble best to set him on the right path.  But we are only wandering humberducies, the open road calls us and with the rising of the moon we must be on our way.  We shall leave our infant to the care of others.  If he is to grow into a sturdy youngster all must take a part in nurturing and guiding him in his early years.  Many will find fault with him, some will perhaps dislike him, and a few may be jealous of him, but most will, we hope, take him to their hearths and to their hearts, and watch his growth with interest and encouragement.”


·      Did you know that because only E-board members have new business is forbidden at the first meeting of the year and the only motions that can be made are “simple” ones.


·      Keep up with the website deadlines! Please be advised to set up your group with the format LastName_FirstName.


·      Read Mental Health email.  YCC is working on Leave of Absence policies for mental health issues.  They are working on extending the deadline for voluntary leave of absence from 10 days of start of term to the midterm.  Also working on extending move out time from 24 hours to 3 hours.  Also will be establishing differences between leave of absence, withdrawal and restitution to discern between illness absences and disciplinary absences.

·      Facilities Appreciation Day this Wednesday.  Come sign a card from 6-7:30 in the Dining Hall.

·      There was a proposal for Student Contribution reform for students on financial aid for “Term Time Contribution” and “Summer Time Contribution” to make the differences clear.  Re-emphasize preferential treatment for student employment for students on financial aid.

·      YCC elections open on April 17th at 9 a.m. and end on the 18th at 9 p.m. Michael Herbert is running for President and Allison Kollberg and Chris Moates are running for VP.  There are also rep elections, so if you want to run talk to Allison or Kyle Tremonte.

·      There will be a debate on Sunday April 13th at 4 p.m.

Brewing Club

·      Guinness Brewing has been postponed until next Saturday.

College Seminar Committee

Old Business

None to report.

New Business

Request for Popeye’s at the next SCC meeting (with a vegetarian option).  There are $260 left in the rolling fund, and it doesn’t continue into the next semester.

Sterling Johnson III was nominated to be our representative for YCC elections, so talk to him if you have any inquiries.

The Mr. Yale competition is coming up and we have to have a nominee by this Friday.  Look out for the nomination email!

Freshman Olympics are THIS SATURDAY!! Come out and support our freshmen, and freshmen sign up!! The Opening Ceremonies are this Friday, so help out with the Spirit Contest! #Chagda