March 6th, 2017


·      Spring break is upon us

·      April 11th – CEO of HGTV for a tea

·      Be sure to lock your doors because of thefts

·      We’re in the ivy league tournament

·      Near’s prediction: Penn will upset Princeton, and we will beat Harvard, and then we’ll school Penn and we’ll be in the tournament

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails

·      Drop date is this Friday by 5pm

·      Leah POI: if I wanted to drop a class, do I go to Cissy?

o   Yes you do

·      Leah POI: how about changing from Credit/D/F to normal?

o   Go to Yale SIS website


·      Study break tomorrow night at 9 in the dining hall

·      Hired a DJ but still looking for a photographer

·      March 29th is an Amigo’s night

·      Ana POI: how much would you be willing to pay a photographer?

o   We’re open to different amounts

Community Service

·      AIDS walk information will be soon

·      Abraham’s Tent opportunities will be available the week we get back

·      Email Aryssa if interested


·      Did you know that in the absence of the President and VP the treasurer is in charge?


·      Send Leah pictures and she will post them

·      Join the Saybrook group on Facebook


·      If you have problems email Daniel Fischer

·      Report problems online as well

·      Over the summer, the renovation of all the crests will be taking place


·      Interviews are over

·      If you participated, you got an email from David about which seminar to pick

·      A meal will be set up soon for those who participated in at least 3

Dining hall

·      Joey Kamm is the new dining hall rep


·      Happening week after spring break

·      Email was sent out today – we do housing so well that the Branford dean asked us to teach her

·      Rebecca POI: will we ever get a list about how many people in our class are still trying to get rooms?

o   We won’t know until the draw itself, but we can tell you how many people are transferring out of Saybrook.  This does not include people who may decide to live off campus at the last second before the room draw.


·      Electronics disposal bin is in the basement awaiting a laminated sign to be put on display


·      Last week of IMs

·      We have volleyball tomorrow Tuesday night at 9


·      Arranging more events to get rid of all of the beer


·      Did you know that class day speaker was announced and it was Theo Epstein?

·      People used to dress up for dinner on Sundays


·      Elections are coming up soon for YCC

·      Meeting the first Tuesday we get back from break at 8pm – they’ll send an email out


·      $66.54 in rolling fund

·      Email David if you have a budget proposal

New Business

·      Leon proposes the song, “Y’all Ready For This”

·      Max proposes Toto’s “Africa”

·      John proposes keeping “Bad and Boujee”

·      The new song is “Y’all Ready For This”

·      Motion to ban proposing “Africa”

·      Tabled to next meeting