March 7th, 2016


March 7, 2016

Master’s Report:

Study break this Wednesday night (possibly Thursday) in the Master’s House.


Met with Micah and Master Near late last week re: venues for Semi

Considering high school style dance, or at the div school

Depending on location: potential for transportation

El amigo felix after break

And more in april!

Community service:

Ideas for SY-wide community service opportunities? Tell Aryssa.

She’s working on some other opportunities – there will be a poll by end of spring break for interest.


Did you know: it takes half the votes present to form a special committee.


Send Leah pictures from SY events/IMs/etc.


Massive overhaul of the gym planned for over spring break (may be done by the time we get back, or sometime thereafter)

Getting rid of cardio row against windows, replacing with: 3 new treadmills, 2 new ellipticals, 2 upright stationary bikes with fancy screens, etc.

New big tv

New half rack

Fixing leak in ceiling

Punching bag

Lat pulldown bar

More barbells

Annex staying the same

Dining hall

Not present


Types and numbers of suites are now on the website

Dates have been moved up

Check website first with any questions.



Quick and informal sustainability meeting after this SCC meeting with Jack, our new SY representative to the office of sustainability.


It’s playoff season!

“Win or die”

Spring starts after break

Brew club

First Saturday after break: afternoon in Master’s House


1962: last time to the championships


Initiative to get rid of application fee for summer classes

SY rep for YCC elections committee: Brady Currey

Treasurer’s Report

$687 in rolling fund

Other notes:

If people come for food, stay for SCC!

Are we going to the championship?

If we play in Providence, getting a bus.

Denver, Des Moines, or Spokane: lottery

Selection is this Sunday, March 17th or March 18th

Meeting adjourned.