Meeting Minutes 10-3-16


October 3rd, 2016

HOC Report

Wednesday 4pm Tea with Zachary Kaufman, enter lottery for dinner with HOC Near and Mr. Kaufmann

Thursday: Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming will be visiting to hear your thoughts.

Dining hall will be closed for lunch on Friday for Family Weekend President’s lunch

October 15th: Octoberfest, organized by SAC and the Fellows! Fun and games, cider and beer, live music, German-themed dinner. Dessert is s’mores around firepit

October 16th: Apple activities! Picking and baking in the house.

Shout out to Jack and Kellen for an awesome Screw

Christopher and Aryssa were selected to have lunch with the Corporation. Discuss with them!

Dean’s Report

See Notes from the Dean


Sold out screw!  Great food and beverages. 4,600 views on the geofilter!

Casey and Nadrina (SAC interns) get credit for idea to have it at K2!

Octoberfest on 15th; had live music last year, hoping they will return or growing on that.

Study break Thursday- insomnia. A LOT

Tailgate this Saturday against Dartmouth! Pending permit approval. There will be food! All transportation/time details will be sent out.

Community service

Looking for someone to lead efforts to get SY doing service




Nothing new.


Nothing to report – secret project in the works

Lightbulbs? Will talk to Micah

Brett returned whiteboards to Saybrary.

College Seminar

David sent out email – sign up for interviews, which have been shortened to 20 mins.

If you sign up for 3, you come to a fancy brunch/dinner! Especially need people this week

Dining hall

Agnes! Has employees list. If you’re interested in joining, talk to her

Q: Why do we need to move utensils?

POI: Tomato juice in the refrigerator?

Doodle poll with ice cream preferences will be coming out soon!

Hard boiled eggs not hard boiled enough.




Slow week. Keep attending. We’re 7th – have 6 places to go. 

Brett is getting white board

Might have more high-tech display board


Brew Club

Won’t be ready for Octoberfest


Women weren’t allowed at Yale until 1969. In 1954 a SY student was ex-commed for having a woman (named Gloria) in his dorm.


Last meeting, Steven Bloom – Financial Life After Yale, in SY November 14th 7pm

STEM event, networking with alums – October 15th

YCC sent out an email on Friday about it.

Nominations open for achievement award

Old Business

Introduced ideas for further engagement between freshmen and upperclassmen

Mobile lazer tag; inflatable obstacle courses…


$775 left – come up with ways to spend it!

Christmas lights – brett found some downstairs, can we test them and maybe use those instead?

New Business

Vandy fire alarms don’t wake people up

Maya Lin is coming 3:30pm YUAG, inaugural “Women and Yale” lecture

Jack: start thinking about regulating how people sign up for TV room. Someone had it reserved for 6-7 hours…

         Online form? 3 hour limit? Limit on repeats?

         A lot of groups use it as a meeting place

Kitchen access reform?

“Clinic” – cough drops, hot water, Kleenex, over the counter