Meeting Minutes 9-19-16


September 19th, 2016

HOC Report

Committee on Renaming wants to hear from you. October 6th, Biggs House, 8pm. Please RSVP


Screw is on the horizon!

Excited to have SAC interns, more study breaks soon.

Talk to Jack if you want to join the SAC group me.

Community Service

Work with Dwight Hall to organize community service events

Easy and fun!


Did you know that voting in all meetings is done by secret ballots using a single transfer vote?

Media Committee

One other person expressed interest! You should too! Collect photos and publish them


Plans to talk to Micah about Christmas lights

College Seminar Committee

Talk to Leon if you’re interested

Dining Hall Committee

New Chair! Agnes!

Is trying to get a blender

HOC Near: “Point of clarification. Point of information. Point of… head of college.”

Araba’s dinner

Rice and chicken variation – in an arepa!


Looking for a new chair!


Keep showing up! Don’t let the wet ground keep you away.

Brew Club

Started the brew. Grapefruit IPA smells great, should be ready in 6 weeks.

MAX is brew king


Had a great meeting with Max, the grad affilitate.

Possibly field trips and tshirts in the future


New Rep – Brett!

Night at the Planetarium on Friday night!

Finalized budget. Certain items that haven’t been decided


Contact Mariel of Jacob

Treasurer’s Report

$775 left

Anyone can propose

POI: why isn’t the tv working?

We’re working on updating things for IPTV