Meeting Minutes 9-5-16


September 5th, 2016

Introducing the Board

Leon Ebani, President

Aryssa Damron, Vice President

Leah Meyer, Secretary

Daniel Fischer, Treasurer

Jack Barry and Kellen Bean, SAC Chairs (Saybrook Activities Committee)


Voting Privileges

Voting is based on attendance – you must have a certain number of attendances to qualify for voting.

To vote, you need 3 membership points. 1 for attending regular meetings, 2 for a budget meeting. If you attended today’s (9/5) meeting, and show up next week, you qualify to vote.

HOC Report

Welcome 2020!

SCC is the self-governance of the college. Anybody who has an idea for something that is available to and enhances the Saybrook community can look to SCC for support/funding.

We will be changing how College Teas are planned– will be recruiting for a Tea Committee, 2-3 ppl per class, to brainstorm/go out and get speakers that we want to bring to Saybrook.

Teas are hosted in Biggs House. There’s a talk by/with the speaker, including questions from/conversation with students. Afterwards, a dinner with 10-12 lucky Saybrugians and our guest out on the town.

Dean’s report

Dean Muller sends out all pertinent (and entertaining) information in her Notes from the Dean, every Monday (this week, Tuesday) at 8am. Read them!

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

Already hosted Amigo’s last Monday. Biggest attendance ever – even some freshmen came!

LOOK for Jack’s and Kellen’s emails. Those are the fun ones.

Study break sometime this week – maybe sushi?

No immediate plans for Screw – become a SAC intern to help plan screw!

SCREW is: our biggest fall event. Semi formal dance at a private venue.

Was at HARVEST last year – the Yale was banned. Looking forward to more fun. Typically set up on blind date, many go with friends. All are encouraged. Tickets required, you MAY bring people from other colleges.

HOC Near says: SAC is where the social power is at SY (and as such, at Yale).

Jack says: after Amigos, Morse emailed us because they want to be us.

Community Service Committee

Run in collaboration with Dwight hall. Sign up, get emails from Aryssa about community service opportunities – both Saybrook-specific organized events, and that you can do as they come.


Leo: DID YOU KNOW – Total funding given to Frocos in one semester cannot exceed that given to SAC.

Bylaws are in our Constitution – we’re the only college with a constitution. Check it out online at the Saybrook website.

Media Committee

Responsible for spreading the joy and making the glory of Saybrook known. Join media committee and help collect/disseminate photos, etc. that document our awesomeness.

In past years, the Saybrook Seal/Saybrook Strip has been published as a tabloid of sorts. Interested? Join media committee!

Facilities committee

Hope everyone moved in smoothly.

If there’s an issue – something broken, needs to be replaced, attended to – fill out a ticket on the Yale facilities website.

The SCC facilities committee works to improve common spaces at Saybrook – bring your ideas!

Magda POI: is there any way we can have the glider returned?

            HOC: will not be a problem.

Leah POI: when are the hammocks coming back?

            HOC: We’ll talk to Micah

John POI: what is the glider?

            The wooden swing-like thing that instead of swings, glides. Currently on the patio next to the dining hall, previously (and in the future) stationed below the patio in the stone courtyard.

College Seminar Committee

A class sponsored by Saybrook College – currently, history of the Peabody museum.

Past people who have proposed classes include the composer of toy story soundtrack, “people who worked with house of cards people”

Join the committee: be a representative to interview people who suggest a class to teach at Yale. Always very accomplished in their fields, but not professors.

Switch up power dynamic by asking THEM why we should chose to have their class sponsored by Saybrook!

Perk: sign up, serve by doing interviews, go to all expenses paid dinner at fancy restaurant.

Theo POI: Do you get into seminar automatically if you do interviews?

            No – but Saybrook seminar has spots set aside for Saybrook.

Dining Hall Committee

Sarah Holder, senior. Came back last semester, ready to pass it on!

Her freshman year, she got two new cereal flavors – sent out survey, made it happen!

Job: Meet with dining hall manager, tell him what people want.

If interested in being part/heading it, talk to Leon or Sarah.

Jordan POI: pasta bar?

            Sarah: brought to attention in 2014. Could be picked up by next dining hall committee chair.

Leo POI: can we put the silverware back where it belongs?

Chunny: Thank you to dining hall for rice porridge!

Araba’s dinner report

Araba is a senior. She doesn’t know how it started, but here we are!

Today was a medley: two slices of bar pizza stolen from a 2020 event. Annie’s mac and cheese (the orange box).

Mariel POI: bunnies and carrots is best.


The sustainability office has changed its programming and Jack is not longer the Saybrook sustainability coordinator.

Moment of Opportunity! Anyone who wants to start a sustainability committee w/o connection to yale administration should approach the board.


Ros is an IM Sec! So is Brett! So is Chadd!

IMs start Wednesday, face paint is encouraged. Thanks for coming out to pop eyes study break!

Captains have been assigned. You’ll get both a weekly email and email the day before a sport you signed up for.

LOG your games so that you get the fun perks – gear and restaurants.

Email secs to be added to pan lists.

Leo POI: half the battle is getting people out there.

Brew club

SY grad affiliate: Dan MacGuigan!

Meet every couple weeks to brew beers in saybrook kitchen. You don’t need to be 21 to participate in brewing.

We have all equipment and ingredients necessary

Need a student leader! Represent brew club at SCC.

Or just show up to meeting!

Next batch: Grapefruit IPA


Saybrook Historical Society Committee

Meeting this Friday at 1pm in the fellows’ lounge. Interesting facts, stories, tidbits about Saybrook history.

New grad affiliate: Max Walden

Leon says: I love SYHSC. Trips to sterling to see crazy things. Would love to personally see you there.


Bennett says: contact me or Christopher Bowman with questions about YCC/ YCC involvement


This semester, we have $13,500 available for allocation

Vast majority goes to SAC, then 12 pack, then to general fun times

Next week is the big budget meeting!

No money HAS to go anywhere.

Rosa Chung POI: She is the Condom Fairy for Saybrook! Three other CCE’s in Saybrook as well. Always condoms in the laundry room, getting basket soon. Tell her if it’s empty.

Mariel POI: Jacob Middlekauf and some other sophomores want to continue queer community within Saybrook. Contact them if you’re interested (occasional lunches, etc.).

Leah says: Be thankful and recognize our dining hall staff!

Brett: Motion to adjourn.