November 10th, 2014


November 10th, 2014

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Nothing to report.

Dean’s Report

·      Nothing to report. (Disappointed.)

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Barn Dance this Friday 11/14 in the dining hall with the famous RBB as our line caller!

·      Saturday we will be having a tailgate with Trumbull on 11/15 for Princeton-Yale.

Community Service

·      The Ronald McDonald project had lots of participation.  The dinner was great and the recipients enjoyed it!


·      There is a new mat in the gym!

·      The tredmill and washing machines are ongoing issues.


·      One game this week—which we forfeited.

·      Saybrook,

·      There is a potential IM star dinner coming up, along with Hudak points!

Sustainability Committee

·      Sustainability is recording a super secret surprise music video, so keep your eyes open!

·      Saybrook Lightbulb exchange has been moved to NEXT Thursday, 11/20.

·      Look out for a water bottle washing exchange in the dining hall.

·      Sustainability Star of the Week: Still Patrick Casey, for being a sustainable curmudgeon.

Dining Committee

·      Another successful meatless/burrito Monday (not an oxymoron).  Patrick Casey had 2 meatless meals!!

·      And for Aruba’s Dinner: She had curly fries, kale salad and a dry chicken schnitzel in Silliman (booo).

Media Committee

·      Follow SCC on Twitter @saybrookcc to get live updates from SCC meetings!

·      Aaron Berman, our social media correspondent recorded the Shake It Off beginning of our meeting and submitted it to the Yale Campus snapchat!  Let’s hope we get a spotlight!

·      The Seal will be coming out soon, featuring profiles of famous and intriguing Saybrugians.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·       SHSC will be meeting on Friday at 12:30 and either interviewing Ann-Marie Apicella or creating a history section on the Saybrook Wikipedia page.

·      In January of 1954 a Saybrook student was ExComm-ed because he was a male and had a female named “Gloria” in his dormitory.

·      From Basil Duke’s scrapbook: Yale Men Kiss Best.


·      Article V of the Constitution states that meetings should be run in a manner that encourages all Saybrugians to participate.


·      The semester might end on December 23rd next year, 2016 SORRY BOUT IT.

·      Magda and Chadd are working on a project together to improve the IM fields!

·      YCC will be sending out information soon about subsidized buses to Harvard for Harvard-Yale.

Old Business

Nothing to report.

New Business

Leon is looking for a successor for his positions as Operations Manager (bringing food to the meetings).

Jordan Liebman proposed to add a permanent “Dinner Report” to the agenda, with Aruba’s dinner in mind.  It was approved!

Sahil Gupta ’17 created a lunch-pairing app called Pear.  Sign up today and find new friends to eat lunch with!