November 11th, 2019

Head of College

  • We’re receiving the Sheffield Cup for highest STEM GPA 

    • Thank you for hitting the books!

  • Near met w/ #2 person in dining (Adam) and understands there is an issue with the quality of our food

    • Major renovation of kitchen area

    • Adam wants suggestions for special things- email Prof. Near before end of day tomorrow- use dining suggestions 

      • Suggestions: burrito bar (seconded), sunflower seed butter, 

    • POI: We do now have Goldfish (for soup and salad bar)

    • He admitted SY and BR have long been neglected

    • POI: anything in short-term?

    • POI: Some main entrees are cooked on the grill so they can’t cook grill items at the same time

      • Probably a personnel issue 

    • POI: Will the renovation change the structure of the servery?

      • Hopefully not, we don’t want to be the bread line college  

Dean’s Office

  • Cissy should be back December 2nd!

    • She’s doing well, doing PT for her knee


  • Nothing to report

  • But will have Harvard/Yale announcements 

  • An extra Amigos Night in December 

Community Service

  • Donate clothes and fill this position! 


  • DID YOU KNOW: At the first SCC meeting, you cannot vote on anything because only SCC Executives have voting power


  • Send them photos

Fisher Report

  • After washing machine debacle, point of recommendation: download the app

  • POI: Did anyone have problems with heat this weekend?

    • Now it’s back on 


  • Nothing to report

  • “Stay queer” -John


  • Going to women’s volleyball game on Saturday! 


  • Look out for Do the RIght Thing Screening 

College Seminar

  • Nothing to report


  • Taste of Mediterranean this Wednesday at Yale on York

Koomson Report

  • Sonia had pizza at Da Legna


  • You’re housed!

  • John was screwed by friends


  • SY won vball championship! Woohoo!  

    • 30 points ahead of Hopper

  • Only pickleball left this semester


  • Seltzer is going slowly, the beer is probably brewing.

  • Jazzy’s hard SY-der is going well, will be adding spice soon

    • Name suggestions: get jazzed, get jazzy


  • Former professor of Yale and president of MLBA Bart Giamatti was a Saybrugian 


  • Nothing to report


  • Use a cold-cycle for laundry (uses 25% of energy) 

  • POI: Only a barbarian wouldn’t use cold water, it makes your clothes last longer

  • Donate your meal swipes to YHHAP (Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project) on November 22nd. You can still use your guest swipes to eat in the dining hall. 

Treasurer’s Report

  • $0.00

New Business

  • John proposes a welcome back card for Cissy

    • Seconded

    • POI: We should do something similar for Micah 

  • John is a proud dad for his frosh’s participation in IMs

    • POI: tell them to come to SCC meetings

    • Apparently they’re student athletes and need to rest 

  • Motion to adjourn

    • Seconded