November 12th, 2018

Head of College

·     Near is back from China but he is probably jetlagged and sleeping

o  He sends his regards

·     Tomorrow you’ll receive email from Micah about dinner options next week

·     Wants to reiterate Dean’s Office email about SY strip

o  POI: Massachusetts has 3 applicable laws: 1. Disorderly conduct, 2. Intentionally exposing genitals 3. Exposing breast, buttocks or genitals 

o  POI: Northeastern does underwear run and no one gets arrested

Dean’s Report

·     Tuesday evening over break, the dean is hosting small get together at the Dean’s Suite at 6 p.m. 

·     As we enter post-Thanksgiving, don’t jump the gun and randomly withdraw from a course, please talk to the dean or Cissy first

·     Reiterating message about SY strip, please know it can be a felonious activity


·     We had sushi last week

·     Look out for another study break  soon

Community Service

·     Still looking for a place to put thedonated clothes, as of right now it is going to YHHAP donation bin (still a cop out)

·     You can donate your Durfee’s swipe to YHHAP

o  POI: Is that for next week’s swipes?

o  No, for this week’s. 

·     POI: Does spring salvage go to YHHAP? Maybe you can use where spring salvage goes to for our donation bin.


·     Did you know: CT had 52%, voter turnout this year, Minnesota had the highest voter turnout. 

·     Overall, this year was the highest voter turnout in a midterm election since 1962


·     Will post a #TBT soon


·     Don’t break things, if you do, call it in, it is faster than online form

·     POI: My room smells like a pool, is it the radiator?

o  Your bathroom was probably just cleaned, Daniel says open a window


·     Tyler is a busy man, Katya will do SCC announcements

·     No announcements for today

·     Stay tuned!


·     Nothing to report

College Seminar

·     Nothing to report, dinner TBA

·     It will be this semester

Dining Hall

·     There will be modified hours for next week if you’re on campus over break

·     Thursday is annual Harvest Dinner 


·     Haven’t had meeting yet with landscape director and Micah

·     Be sustainable!


·     Just won pickle-ball match

·     Playing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. 

·     Woo! Playoffs


·     Alex’s beer is in secondary fermentation, should be ready to be kegged in 5 days


·     This past weekend was the AYA assembly, Daniel met two Saybrook alum, one of whom has access in Sterling to the original drawings for when the SY code of arms was drafted

·     Also met someone class of SY ’91 who was heavily involved with the rebranding of the AYA, it used to be YAA


·     Nothing to report

Old Business

·     Trumbull finally responded about the Yule Ball, there will be a meeting tomorrow night with Trumbull, Branford, JE and SY

o  Is this all of the colleges we hate?

o  If we don’t participate, then Berkley comes in to take our place

Tresurers report

·     $0.00 in rolling fund

New Business

·     Congrats to the first years who are here

·     POI: When do we vote for new board?

o  2ndmeeting of spring semester

o  For non-election committees (i.e. Media), just look for a replacement and you can renounce your position whenever you are ready

·     There may or may not be a sustainability raffle next week in SY, stay tuned

·     Motion to adjourn