November 13th, 2017


·      A lot of events going on this week surrounding the game

·      Keep your eye out for suspicious activities like someone touching fire extinguishers

·      Enjoy the game

Dean’s Report

·      Read her emails


·      Having a donut study break on Wednesday in the dining hall at 9:30

·      The morning of the game at 8:00 am it’ll be a Saybrook only breakfast so be sure to pick up your sticker in the college office

o   Please keep it Saybrook only because Saybrook College is paying about $9 a person

·      Will also be important to have a sticker for the tailgate

·      This year it will be even bigger than last year

·      We’ll be starting as soon as the gates open rain or shine

·      Pizza mixer Friday night with Adams House at 9 pm

Community Service

·      Talk to Aryssa to take this job from her

·      Slifka and La Casa joint trip to Puerto Rico over Spring break – talk to Aryssa if interested


·      Did you know that during the term of president he is supposed to set his agenda?


·      Nothing to be announced


·      If something is broken, report it to Daniel

·      We’re going to be hosting Adams House so bring anything to attention that needs to be fixed before they get here

·      Leah POI: could we get extra bins in the common spaces because they get very full on weekends?

o   We’ll talk to Micah

·      Near POI: We’re having a change in management in Saybrook – while we’re in this change, things may not be as clean because Lou is back and forth between here at the Med School

·      Nat POI: are the gates open for Adams House students?

o   No

·      Jesse POI: how many Adams House students are staying here and where?

o   Last I checked it was 64, and usually they stay in the Saybrary or the Common Room


·      Nothing to report


·      Andrea has been very busy but her and Casey are hopefully meeting this week


·      Nothing to report

Dining hall

·      Dining hall is open on Saturday

·      Davenport, Silliman, and TD will be open Sunday

·      Monday through Wednesday will be Davenport

·      Everyone is closed on Thursday and Friday

Koomson Report

·      Aryssa can have any of the foods she subsists on

·      She had salad with vinaigrette


·      None


·      Fliers have been posted in Vandy bathrooms so check them out

·      Yale Athletic Sustainability is selling water bottles for the game

·      Kai POI: where can we buy those?

o   You can order online or on Cross Campus tomorrow


·      Pickleball is the only sport this week

·      TD got disqualified for volleyball playoffs


·      Making a new beer Friday

·      Serving beer at the pizza mixer


·      In 2014 Michael Herbert challenged a Harvard student to a boxing match, which the Harvard student chickened out of


·      Harvard Yale party in Commons – last event in there so you should go


·      $0 in the rolling fund

New Business

·      No new business