November 16th, 2015


November 16, 2015

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Will have a tea the Monday after Thanksgiving.

·      Tree trimming study break will happen.

·      Will hear from SAC about holiday party.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      Planning to have a Saybrook holiday celebration of Saturday, December 12th. Will be in the Dining Hall.

·      Thinking of a live jazz band.

·      Will celebrate the holidays with Saybrook.

·      Game coming up on Saturday: Saybrook will have a tailgate. We will also be bringing the flag there.

·      Saybrook class of ’97-’04 will have their own tailgate.

·      Anyone with a Yale or Harvard ID can get brunch.

·      Will be hosting Adam’s house…will be sleeping in the basement and the library.

o   We will be throwing a pizza party to welcome them.

·      Skyzone trip on December 4 in the afternoon.

Community Service Committee

·      Sunrise Cafe does a homeless breakfast café. Can work as a waiter/waitress. They do this all year round.

Bylaws Committee

·      Did you know that the members of SCC e-board are permanent voting members of the college council.

Dining Hall Committee

·      Mallet is open to hearing any suggestions for the dining hall.

·      One suggestion: keeping whipped cream in the refrigerator on a more regular basis.

o   Another suggestion: feta in the salad bar.

o   Silliman has slivers of grilled chicken in their salad bar.



·      Today was the Saybrook Waste Audit in the entryways. Sustainability saw it all!

·      About 47 % of the trash was recycling.

·      Of the recycling, only 43 % of the recycling was recycling.

·      Make sure you throw empty bottles and solo cups in the recycling!

·      An official report will be sent.


·      Closing in on the last weeks of the fall season. Have a couple of makeup football games this week, and the Volleyball championship is this Wednesday.

Saybrook Brew Club

·      On Sunday morning, we switched the fermenters. Surprisingly, the beer tastes good. Pretty hopeful! Was going to be a vanilla porter with bourbon. Added bourbon and put it into the second fermenter. Should be good to go after we get back from Thanksgiving.

·      Need people to help consume the beer! Otherwise, the committee will have too much beer to drink. J

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·      The Harvard crest is in two places in the Saybrook college.

·      One is by Entryway O, the other is by Entryway C on the third floor.

·      We also have the Adam’s House crest, but it’s faded, and will be restored next year.

Yale College Council

·      Presentation from the dining task force on Saturday. If you have any thoughts about Yale dining as a whole, talk to Kevin Sullivan.

·      Separate from YCC, steering committee for the new colleges is visiting all the different residential college councils. Christopher polled members of the SCC about new students, life at the colleges, etc.

New Business

Conversation about the new colleges:

·      Aspects about student life

o   Fun traditions – should start right away.

o   Will take a lot of brainstorming to create traditions for history and cohesion.

o   Should be mindful that the fellows that are attracted to the colleges will really define them.

o   Another question is the culture of the upperclassmen.

o   A highly active dean and master would be necessary.

o   Difficult to get the ball rolling.

o   Caution against the School of Management and Yale College experiment.

o   Not living on old campus might be difficult. A lot of students might transfer out.

o   Necessary to avoid the characterization of “science” college.

o   Question of whether the freshmen will be the ones to begin the traditions? Consulting the new societies and sorority on campus would be a good idea.

·      Academic and college resource concerns:

o   Course selection, competitive classes, preregistration, etc.

o   New college idea, early to mid 2000s…gradually, the faculty has been expanding since then?

o   Though there does seems to be a remaining problem with not enough faculty growth, especially in response to the new colleges.

o   Spaces in courses will still be a problem, even with greater faculty.

o   Other traditions: Halloween show, attending the Harvard-Yale game at Harvard, etc.

o   Questions of diversity: geographical, athletes vs. non athletes. STEM vs. non-STEM. Suggestion that the new colleges are a unique opportunity to increase diversity on campus.

·      Any other questions:

o   How will people be convinced to transfer? Will there be specific incentives?

o   Freshmen will be placed into the colleges; hope is that students will transfer in. Annexed students will be moved into the new colleges, but might still remain ties to previous colleges?

o   There won’t be legacy in the new colleges. Will this result in socioeconomic differences?

o   Yale Corporation ultimately decides the names of the colleges. Will be announced by the end of the year, at some point in the late Spring.

o   When will the applications for transfer occur? Traditions can’t exactly start without a student pool.

o   Colleges open at the Fall of 2017.

·      Reach out to Christopher if you have any questions, or other suggestions/concerns about the new colleges.

·      Submit designs by Saturday for a light fixture above the college! (Information about this seen on bulletin boards across Saybrook.)