November 17th, 2014


November 17th, 2014

Master and Associate Master’s Report

·      Cheese and wine tasting for seniors sponsored by Caseus.  Sign up with the Master’s office, first come first serve! 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

·      Final Cut team formations are coming up so get your griddles ready!

·      Have a great Thanksgiving!

Dean’s Report

·      Read the weekly emails!!!! Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines.

Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

·      SAC is winding down for the semester, but there will be a Bar study break during reading week!


·      Winter is coming…

Sustainability Committee

·      Did you know that glass can be recycled indefinitely? Craaaazy.

·      Sustainability Star of the Week: Railroad Bill.  Because we like railroads.

Media Committee

·      #CollegeGameDay is coming to Harvard Yale, and we want them to show the Saybrook Strip!  So get your fingers ready and tweet at the College Game Day Twitter and the individual anchors!

·      We can also try and get on the live Snapchat Story! Go wild and go hard!! But don’t sweat it if you don’t want to take your clothes off on national television.

·      Maybe some Sebi signs??

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

·       The revamping of the Saybrook Wikipedia page is underway!

·      In 1956, Mrs. Henning stated in response to the possibility of making Yale co-ed: Mrs. Henning: “We already have good men’s and good women’s schools.  Why should you combine them?  Is your social life that shaky?  Distraction would be immense; I’d be looking at the boys instead of the blackboard.”

·      From the Saybrook scrapbook (1954): “Saybrook has had beans for lunch twice this week.  I almost threw up.”


·      Did you know that nowhere in the Constitution does it state that the president has to sit in the armchair! Resolution anyone?


·      Support our President Michael Herbert in his throw down boxing match against the Harvard president.

·      YCC is working on reforming the Latin honors system, some other academic calendar issues and disability transportation.

·      Also be sure to sign the Yale Dining Staff appreciation banner this week!

Araba’s Dinner

·      She ate in Trumbull (booooo).  She had buttered noodles, chicken schnitzel and broccoli + tea (decaf Lipton, for the plebians).

Old Business

Nothing to report.

New Business

Leon is still looking for an Operations manager successor.

Apparently there is a widespread rodent issue in Saybrook.  Take out the trash everyday in your suite.

The Saybrook Kitchen rules are being revamped. The current list will be dissolved and a new list will be formed where each student has to pay $5 to get access.  The kitchen will be open over breaks with a single student manager keeping the key.  But Saybrugians need to be responsible and clean up after yourselves (it’s really common sense).  We will try to organize weekly clean up managers, but if you are signed up you need to do you job and check on the kitchen everyday.

Possibility of cancelling or modifying the Harvard Tailgate: face paint and sign prep for the Strip, catering from McDonald’s instead of Panera (bleck), and other goodies.  Basically with the knowledge that our tail gate will basically be open to anyone who comes by, so we could cancel it and save that money for other uses, or cut down on cost. It seems that people want us to move forward on a smaller scales, so keep sending in ideas!

There’s a volleyball game on Friday at 7 pm for Ivy Champs at Harvard so come cheer on our girls!