November 18, 2013


November 18, 2013

Master and Associate Master’s Report

  • Wed, 4:00, Master’s Tea with Kunda Dixit.
  • The Council of Masters has voted to ban registered parties this Friday, as students are encouraged attend other events. (Note this is not a ban on parties, just the big ones.)   


Dean’s Report

  • Nothing to report.


Committee Reports

SAC (Saybrook Activities Committee)

  • This Thursday at 10 will be a Thanksgiving-themed study break.
  • There will be pizza with Adams House Friday evening in the game room, and a tailgate with catered food before the Game itself on Saturday.

Community Service

  • Philippines relief concert this Wednesday.


  • Nothing to report.

Clothing Committee

  • There is a snafu with the sports bras order. Delay expected.
  • We have a preliminary quote on the quarter-zips. Looks like it will be pretty affordable.


  • Saybrook will play football against Harvard’s IM team on Friday at 3:15!
  • Email Sage Price or Yombe Fonkeu or Tammer Abiyu if you want to play for a winter sport you haven’t yet signed up for.

Sustainability Committee

  • When you leave for break: turn off lights, unplug appliances, follow instructions to turn down heater to save energy.

Dining Committee

  • Frozen fruits in the dining hall will be augmented after Thanksgiving.
  • The salad dressing separates into layers of oil and vinegar. L Might be put into ladle-able vats.
  • There will be Italian dressing eventually.
  • Parmesan cheese will always be out when there’s pasta.
  • Brunch on Sunday was great.

Media Committee

  • Has made interviews for the ever-upcoming newsletter.

College Seminar Committee

  • No report.

Saybrook Historical Society Committee

  •  Met last Friday with former Dean Paul McKinley. Fun fact: there once was a budget proposal to cover the Stone Courtyard with a glass dome. Contact Eric Fishman if you’d like a transcript of the interview.
  • In the future: interview with Dean Mary Miller.
  • Contact Eric Fishman with ideas for alumni interviews!
  • SHSC may at the end of the semester be having a celebratory lunch or dinner.


  • Fun fact: Daniel thinks his position as committee chair is not contingent on his attendance record hahaha.


  • No report.


  • YCC made a Game video!
  • H-Y party featuring DJ Michael Brun and possibly a SY DJ (vote for them!)
  • Divestment referendum voting is now open
  • Talk with Yale football team on Wed at 7:30.
  • Plans to track student attendance at sport events in the works.
  • Proposal to expand gender-neutral housing to sophs is moving forward.
  • Student activities fee may be shifted onto financial aid for those who qualify.
  • Check your email for further details on thses events.

Brewing Club

  • No report.

Mascot Committee

  • No report.


Old Business



New Business

We have $230 in the rolling fund.

Eric Fishman has proposed $20 for a SY-wide lottery! To boost morale, one SY student will win $20 to do with what he or she will, perhaps announced somewhere in the Dean’s weekly notes. J SCC will receive the receipt for whatever the winner spends the $20 on. Maybe there will be a dinner-time presentation of a giant novelty check!

The exact legality of this is perhaps questionable. Many helpful anecdotes were heard from council members. An idea to make the $20 for Squiche credit instead?

We passed the $20 proposal. The legality will be hashed out later.

Paul Elish has a proposal to furnish the courtyards with Christmas lights. (credit goes to Maddy Popelka for the idea.)

We passed the $100 proposal.