November 26th, 2018

Head of College

·     Our first tea will be with Paul Attanasio, a screen writer and producer

o  Film credits include “Disclosure,” “The Good German,” “Donnie Brasco” and more

o  TV credits include “Homicide: Life on the Street,” “House: MD”

o  He is the guest of Aaron Tracy, a college seminar professor on TV 

o  There is a sign up to join a pizza dinner at BAR following the tea

o  Monday December 3rdat 5:30 in Biggs House

·     A lot is going on! The SY holiday dinner (for sophomores, juniors and seniors) is in the dining hall on Saturday, December 8th

o  First year dinner will be held that night at 150 York (Yale on York)

·     One week from Friday is our annual Saylebration 

·     One week from this Sunday, Biggs house will host a study break with holiday things (cookie baking, tree trimming and menorah lighting) 

o  Please take advantage of these stress relieving activities

·     Thursday between 6-8pm is the lighting of New Haven’s holiday tree! It’s a blast! There will be good weather, get out there! Great way to spend time in New Haven community.

Dean’s Report

·     Friday is last day to relinquish spring housing, if you are changing abodes please let the Dean know


·     Surprise in your email

o  (Its an Amigos night this Wednesday, please sign up before 6 pm on Wednesday)

·     Next Friday we have holiday Saylebration, with a tropical theme in light of special SayBrew surprise 

·     Stay tuned for a study break next week

Community Service

·     Clothing donation is going strong

·     Dwight Hall reached out to create more of a connection with this position 

·     Check out the email about Angel Tree, sign up!

o  Click the link in email


·     Did you know: there are 6 constitutional officers, elections coming up in first couple of meetings in January

o  You need someone to nominate you, or can nom. Self


·     Stay tuned for post tonight

·     Throwback Thursday coming soon

·     If you would like this position next semester, please reach out


·     Don’t break things, if you do, report it by calling facilities


·     Possibly will do a movie trip or off-campus brunch

·     We may have extra money, let us know what study breaks you may want 

o  We can get more dumplings

·     POI: If you have extra money you can give it back to treasury and we can redistribute it


·     W-hoops happingih soon 

o  We are defending our championship 32-2 against Silliman

College Seminar

·     If you qualify for dinner, you should’ve gotten email about details of Barcelona dinner with Prof. Near

·     It will most likely happen next Wednesday judging by the whentomeet

Dining Hall

·     Henry, a first year, wants to work on making the dining hall more sustainable 

·     Tonight is last night to register for the Final Cut Culinary competition

o  First place prize is $1200 

o  Lets get a SY team

·     We will have Chicken tenders on Thursday this week

Kroomson report

·     Mariel had pound cake with strawberries


·     Hopefully you saw the checklist for break

·     Read the US report on climate change from Friday


·     B-hoops and C-hoops are this week

o  These are the only two games for rest of semester

·     W-hoops is starting next semester

·     Our strategy is to surrender A-hoops and win B-hoops, C-hoops and W-hoops

o  Our key to the Tyng


·     No updates

·     Fact: the Memorial Quadrangle was built on land that used to house Yale’s gymnasium. But when it was built, it was only for seniors.


·     Nothing to report

·     They had had a nice rundown email recently 

Old Business

·     Yule Ball isn’t happening (sorry), there was too little time to plan 

o  Also it was same day as the holiday dinner— too much of a headache

Treasurers Report

·     $0.00 in rolling fund

New Business

·     There was confusion at The Game about the new chant with Dean Lafargue’s name

o  POI: The website is updated to reflect proper chant


SayBrew — Last but not least: 

·     We successfully kegged our coconut milkshake IPA, anonymous taster 21+ said it was delicious

·     Many people were talking about a SYder, Sam has ordered the stuff to make it happen

o  Dec. 7thor 8thand Dec. 14thwill be brewing days, for a total of 2.5 hrs over 3 days separated by some weeks

o  If you’re interested, type in your phone and it will add you to the group me 

o  Our new fellow is awesome! Come meet him and brew!

o  Hopefully we’ll have SYder when we come back from break

·     POI: College council meeting minutes are published on website with all this information

·     POI: Do we need a toilette?

o  No, we are not brewing prison wine  

·     POI: How does one 21+ sign up to taste?

o  Join SayBrew, just hit Sam up

·     POI: Het there early next Friday for the Say-lebration because there is only 5 gallons of coconut milkshake IPA, it goes quickly